Why are my emails not coming through gmail

Why do I not receive my gmail emails on my computer?

One of the most common problems is that the Gmail application on Android does not work directly. Surely many of you have happened to you on occasion. It is rare that the app crashes, although a few weeks ago it was just what happened, but if the app does not work, we can try this:I do not get emails to the account

Another problem that many users face when using Gmail on Android is that they do not receive notifications when an email is sent to them. So it is impossible for us to know if you have been sent a new mail, unless you open the application on the phone. If this happens to you, there are certain checks/solutions available:I can’t see or download attachmentsIt is common that when an email is sent to us in Gmail, someone attaches a file, whether it is a photo, document or video. There are times when we find it impossible to view or download this attachment that someone has sent us. When this happens there are certain aspects that we need to review, so that we can view or download the file in question:

Why do I send emails and they do not reach the gmail recipient?

The risks of an unfiltered email are really high, not only for the reception, but also for the emission of the same, since our computer could be used by a BotNet to send spam to third parties and therefore our IP and server put in an email blacklist.

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The easiest way to find out if your IP is on a blacklist is by accessing this service: https://mxtoolbox.com/blacklists.aspx, where by simply entering the IP or the domain name of your server, you will know if the IP you use to send emails is classified as dangerous. If your IP is on the blacklist, this will give you different problems, possibly the emails you send will not reach their addressee.

Another IP that could be interesting for you to verify is the local IP of your home internet, since it could be being used to send spam emails to third parties. To find out, it is best to look at this web page: https://www.whatismyip.com/es/

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Obviously, as soon as you do not express yourself in the same way in an email to a friend, in an advertising email or in a purchase confirmation email, Gmail will immediately know whether the email is “personal” or “commercial”.

Other elements that can be taken into account: the history of emails received from an IP address or a sender, contextual elements and the reactions of the recipients… there are many elements very close to those mentioned for detecting spam, which can influence the categorization made.

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Another factor to take into account is the image/text ratio. If you are sending a very long email, you can probably get away with adding 1 or 2 images, but if it is a short message, then the presence of two images will generate an alert.

How often do you use HTML formatting to create different formatting effects when sending an email to a friend or family member? Probably never. Your marketing emails should be in plain text format, don’t be tempted to make them look better with HTML formatting.

I can’t receive my gmail emails on my cell phone.

“Your ‘From,’ ‘To,’ ‘Reply To,’ and chaining information (including the domain name it came from and the mailing address) must be correct and identify the person or business that initiated the message.”

But the FTC also says, “Your message must include a valid physical mailing address. It can be your current address, a post office box you have registered with, or a private mailbox you have registered with a mail collection agency.”

The idea is that image-heavy emails without much text can alert spam filters. This theory was formulated because spammers sometimes display information in large images rather than via text so that filtering programs can’t “read” the content.

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But, at the end of the day, spam filters can easily misinterpret this type of email and think you are a scammer when you are really just trying to give your subscribers a visual appeal.

If you familiarize yourself with CAN-SPAM and understand the logic behind spam filters as well as what human readers think, you will only be left with eliminating those elements that could be considered spam.

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