Gmail turn off conversation view

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By default, Gmail groups all our mails in conversations. When we reply or someone replies to an email, the reply is grouped showing the most recent message at the end of the conversation.

Well, this way of displaying emails in the inbox does not please everyone, there are users who prefer to see emails in an individual list, without grouping them into conversations. And this is what the Gmail application for Android allows you to do now. We tell you how.

So far this feature was only available in the web version of Gmail, but now since version 8.7 we can also remove the conversation view in its official Android app. To do this we have to follow these simple steps:

Once the Conversation View option is deactivated the replies will stop being grouped, they will be displayed in the inbox as every new mail we receive. We may have to wait a few minutes to see the changes.

When we deactivate the “Conversation View” option both on the computer and on the mobile application, the changes will be effective on all devices. That is to say, if we deactivate or activate this option on the computer it will be automatically activated on our mobile, and vice versa.

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These Gmail conversations are a chain of emails created by replying to emails received through the reply button displayed at the top of the received email. When that same sender receives your reply email, he will have to use the reply button to continue the conversation.

The advantage of these conversations is that all the emails exchanged with that person and potentially related to a specific topic (you can have different conversations with the same contact) will be accessible from the same entry in your mailbox. When you click to open the conversation, all emails sent and received to date will be displayed in chronological order.

Well, Gmail also has a version for mobile devices such as Android smartphones and tablets, in which it is also possible to make use of this feature from the Android device.

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The people of Mountain View have announced that finally gives the option to users of the Gmail app to be able to change the so-called Conversation View, so that if you do not like it, you can have each of your emails in an individual list in your inbox.

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This ability to choose how to distribute emails was already available in the desktop version, but now makes the jump to the Gmail app, thus being available to both iOS and Android users.

Some people might not yet see this option enabled in their app, as this is an update that, as almost always, is coming to devices gradually. In fact, at the time of writing, we have been able to test on an Android device (with Android 9 Pie), but not on a tablet with iOS. If you’ve waited until now, you’re sure to hold out a little longer. Patience.

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By default, when you add most account types to Outlook, messages are displayed in Conversations. A conversation includes all messages in the same conversation with the same subject line.

Conversations that include multiple messages are identified in the message list by a triangular expand or collapse icon. Select the expand or collapse icon for a conversation.

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Any conversation that includes unread messages has the subject in bold and the number of unread messages appears next to the subject. When expanding the conversation, unread messages have a bold header.

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