suspects your message is spam and rejected it

Why I get invalid email

Valid email addresses can cause a hard bounce for many reasons. Learning to read bounce headers (SMTP replies) can give you an idea of what has caused an address to hard bounce.

Email firewalls and corporate spam filters can be very strict and treat a large number of identical incoming emails as spam. If the spam filter or firewall is used to seeing you send one or two personal emails to a customer in the company, they may interpret it as a mass mailing from you and as spam.

If a major ISP, such as Gmail or MSN/Hotmail, is blocking your emails, this is usually only temporary. ISPs usually unblock senders within a day or two after spam complaints subside.

Bounce gmail mail

Imagine you see this in your email inbox.  At first glance, it looks like a genuine email, but it’s not. Scammers who send emails like this hope you won’t realize it’s fake.

4. Protect your data by backing it up.  Make copies of your computer data on an external drive or device or in the cloud. Also back up your phone data.

If the answer is “no,” it could be a phishing scam. Review the tips in “How to Recognize Phishing” again and look for signs of a phishing scam. If you find them, report the message and then delete it.

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Why does it tell me that the email format is incorrect?

The truth is that there can be several reasons why a message may be returned. And it is that the mail servers of the addressees can reject the mails that we send for different reasons. In this case, Gmail itself will send us an email message with the response provided by each server depending on the address of the recipients.

If the mail is returned again, then we must make sure that the address is spelled correctly. If everything is OK, then everything points to a problem with the mail server of the recipient’s address. We can either contact that person for an alternative mailing address or contact the customer service of the recipient’s mail provider to find out when it will be possible to send the mail.

This problem occurs when configuring the email account in our email reader, we must make sure that we have checked the box “My SMTP server requires authentication”, as this is usually what causes the sign we have shown above to appear.

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Your message was not delivered to because the domain was not found.

Micheline Marine – fictitious name of the scammer that we will use too – explains to me that she wants to carry out the transaction, but that she will send me the money in cash through a supposed DHL service, that at the same time that she delivers the money to me, she will pick up the computer. He asks for my name, address, price and telephone number.

After entering Nuria’s data in our contacts, we proceed to talk to her. It is striking, apart from the poor Spanish she uses, that she asks us for the final price and asks us for the photos we posted on Wallapop. You’re not going to haggle now, Nuria? The logical and normal thing to do would be to ask for more photos or videos to document the state of the computer, but Nuria is satisfied with the ones in the ad.

I send her a photo and she is satisfied. She assures us that she will send us her husband’s address after transferring the money and, knowing that paying by transfer is not the best idea, she says a premonitory phrase “I hope I can trust you”. Being an empathetic woman, I offer her Bizum as an alternative. Nanai. And I make her rage with a supposed friend who is going to Barcelona soon, so she could make the transaction by hand.

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