How to block someone from gmail

How to block an email in hotmail from the cell phone

However, many times we do not have the mail as clean as we would like both spam and emails from contacts we do not want. For this reason, and to start 2020 well, we are going with a tutorial in which we show you different ways to block an unwanted contact in Gmail.

Let’s go with the first option to block a Gmail contact, and the most drastic. It is very simple to block a contact in Gmail, and it is something that saves us space in the mail storage … and also allows us to have the list sorted without seeing that heavy contact or that name that we do not want to see even in paint.

There are times when we are on lists or we receive recurring emails from agencies or any other type. If you do not want to continue receiving this type of emails, you do not have to use the form of each sender for this purpose, but unsubscribe from Gmail.

To do this, go to one of the emails and, under the subject line, next to the name and address of the email, there is an option that says “Unsubscribe”. We select it, accept… and that’s it, they won’t bother us again.

Block gmail on android

4.Once you have done this, you will see a warning within the email itself warning you to be careful with the message and giving you the option to unblock the sender by simply clicking on it. All emails from this sender will go directly to the Spam folder.

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Go to the bottom of the message and tap on ‘Unsubscribe’ or ‘Cancel preferences’. If it does not appear, it is because the sender has not provided the necessary information for you to unsubscribe. If this is the case, you will need to mark the message as spam or block the sender, as explained above.

3.A page will open from the sender asking you if you want to stop receiving further communications and asking you to indicate the reason. The text of the message usually varies, although the essence is the same. In our example, just select any option and click on ‘Unsubscribe’.

How to block emails in gmail iphone

This is a very convenient method if we receive a constant message from a person, something that is becoming more and more frequent. So we can forget about this kind of annoying emails, making all of them go directly to spam, without having to do anything, or worry about them. The way to block a user from the account is very simple, we just have to follow these steps in the account: Having blocked this person, Gmail already warns us that all emails we receive from this person will be sent to the spam folder automatically. We are not going to have to do anything else in this sense. In this sense, we also have the option to mark an email as spam, but this measure can be seen as something more direct, in addition to always filter all the messages that this person sends us.

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It may be the case that you have blocked someone by mistake and do not want to have it blocked. Unblocking that contact is as simple as blocking them. In fact, in the previous section, when we block someone, we can see that Gmail immediately shows us the option to unblock that person. The steps in this case are:

How to block an email in gmail without opening it

Although Gmail has quite effective filters that prevent us from receiving certain emails as spam, that does not mean that some emails do not escape or that we do not want to stop receiving emails from certain senders. In this article we will explain how to filter and block spam in Gmail.

Just as we can receive unwanted phone calls from commercials of all kinds, our Gmail inboxes receive unwanted messages or spam, which, apart from being annoying, can also involve some risks, especially when it comes to phishing attempts or any other type of scam, carried out through the impersonation of a legitimate company by a hacker who wants to get hold of our personal or banking data.

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Spam or unwanted messages usually arrive in our inbox either from known addresses (old work groups, from a company we no longer work for, from a subscription list we no longer pay attention to, etc.) or from unknown addresses (it is with these that we must be more careful, because in many cases they are scam attempts).

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