How to unsend an email from gmail

How to forward an email chain in gmail

If you set up automatic mail forwarding by following the steps above, you will see a notice in your inbox for a week after you activate forwarding. This is a reminder that forwarding is enabled and gives you a chance to review your forwarding settings.

If you have created a filter that forwards certain messages to another email address, you will see this notice in your inbox for one week after setting up the filter. This is a reminder that forwarding is enabled and gives you an opportunity to review your forwarding settings.

How to automatically forward gmail messages to another account

What I did was to activate the automatic forwarding of emails from the business account to the personal one. This way, all kinds of press releases, tips and other content that arrives to the first one, will automatically arrive to the second one. For me, it was a hack that helped a lot to organize my emails and the way I work, simplifying everything in a single Gmail account.

It is very important to take into account the option that says that we can create a filter so that only certain emails are forwarded to the second account. This way, we will have more control and order of the content that will be forwarded automatically.

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Then, we go to the account that will receive the emails, which will have received a confirmation email for the request we have just made. There it is just a matter of clicking on the link or entering the confirmation code in the Settings > Forwarding of the first account.

Another dialog box will appear to confirm once again, after pressing the button, we go back to the “mother account” settings and refresh the browser. Now the forwarding option will appear, select it and we will also be able to choose what to do with the copy that arrives to the main mail, either archive it, mark it as read, delete it or leave it unopened. At the end, simply click on Save changes at the bottom of the page.

Redirect outlook emails to another account

Next, we are going to show you several ways to send or forward messages, something that will surely come in handy to manage Gmail with greater ease. It can be of great help to know how to forward several messages at once, how to send mass messages or how to send mails to several at the same time customizing them. We will even have the option to forward them automatically so that we do not always have to do it manually. Well, we hope you will know how to do all this once you have finished reading this article.

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How to forward a mail without gmail history

Having different mails means logging in and out of several accounts to keep up with your mails.  Gmail allows you to synchronize multiple email accounts, but not when your account is on another domain.

Forwarding your Gmail emails also serves as a backup, in case you can no longer access your account, you will still receive emails in the other one. Or if you are at work where you can only open institutional mail, now you will also be able to see the mails from another account.

The Gmail automatic forwarding option is also recommended for accounts with work domain, because we usually register it in different places and if you change jobs you can lose the information you received in that email. But thanks to Gmail automatic forwarding, this will not happen.

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