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Gmail for mac

Although we may be living in the heyday of messaging apps, in the end emails are still the order of the day for all purposes. Whether in the professional or school environment, as in the personal one to subscribe to newsletters. Considering that we also spend most of our time on our cell phones, it is essential to have a good email manager.

There are many tools for this, fully adapted to mobile platforms and with versions for Android and iOS that even synchronize with each other. In this post we review the best and most integrated functions apart from reading and writing emails, as there is a whole world of extra features in these applications.

It is one of the most popular options on the market and is cross-platform, being available not only on Android and iOS, but also on Mac. Among its most outstanding features is its intelligent inbox that learns from our habits and prioritizes our emails. It also supports scheduling and postponement of emails, as well as synchronization with other Readdle apps.


We can define Mimestream as an adaptation of Mail to Gmail’s habits: in the sidebar we see the main directories of our account, but we go from seeing folders to seeing labels. These, moreover, respect the original colors that we assign them from the web even if they are customized. That makes that the learning curve if you come from the web is practically null.

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And what I like the most: Mimestream is already prepared and optimized for M1 processors. Its performance on my Mac mini is superior to any other email client I’ve seen with Gmail, and I get dozens of messages a day on my account. Synchronization is very fast, and the developers assure that the privacy of everything that passes through the application is guaranteed. In fact, the program is able to detect the pixels that some emails use to record our activity.

Mimestream is in beta phase, so you can use it for free while the tests last. Just go to its official website and leave your email address. The developers have already confirmed that the final and stable version of Mimestream will have an unknown price and will be distributed through the Mac App Store. To run it you will need macOS Catalina or a later version of the system.

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We bring you a list of the best free apps and tools for macOS in 2021, where we are going to propose you both classic and essential apps and others that are new or less known. We have tried to come up with a varied list, so that everyone can find one that suits them.

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We are going to show you the applications in a list in alphabetical order, where we will briefly tell you about them and what they offer. The idea is that if you buy a Mac today, you can find in this list the most essential tools today, but also some new proposals that we have found curious or worthy of an opportunity.

In addition, it has applications for other devices, which helps you to always have it with you wherever you are. You can also see the progress of your tasks in a calendar section, and its reminders can be smart to avoid forgetfulness. All this with cloud synchronization and the possibility of sharing some of your tasks with other people.


Spark is so well equipped that it’s hard to include all of its features in a summary. It automatically sorts your mail so you see the most important things first. You can create discussions, schedule emails to send later or send them a reminder to follow up, among others. It really is the complete package.

Some email applications simply move spam or news messages to another folder. Sure, you don’t see them in your inbox, but they’re still there, taking up space. Edison Mail lets you regain control thanks to its simple unsubscribe button, which will stop the most annoying emails.    In addition, it is capable of deleting all previous mail from the sender in question.

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It also has a handy in-app wizard that automatically sorts your mail into sections like Travel, Entertainment and more. You’ll never search through a densely packed inbox again, as with these categories it should be easier than ever to find what you’re looking for.

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