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In this article you will learn how to create a free Gmail for business. We will see what steps you need to follow to generate and configure a Gmail email account for businesses, through G Suite.

Gmail for business, also known as G Suite, is one of the most chosen options to create a corporate email.  Since it is such a well-known product, you will be able to integrate it with different tools such as ERP, CRM or Educational Software.

Ready, you can now send and receive emails in the inbox, with the new company domain. When composing and sending an email, a “Send as” option will appear where you will be able to choose from which account you want to send the message.

In the previous tutorial, we knew the steps to follow to have a free business Gmail. However, the functions will be basic and limited. If you want to move to the professional level with a Gmail corporate email, you should know about the paid version of G Suite.

The paid version of G Suite also allows you to upgrade your storage. The free version is limited to only 15 GB, while Gmail, by paying G Suite, allows 30 GB of cloud storage per user. All this, paying for the cheaper version.

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Google drive

The amount is invoiced at the beginning of each month. Choose a flexible payment method by direct debit or credit card: For information on prices and other payment plans please contact us.

Storage or technical access which is used exclusively for anonymous statistical purposes. Without a request, voluntary compliance by your Internet service provider, or additional records from a third party, information stored or retrieved solely for this purpose cannot be used to identify you.

Storage or technical access is necessary to create user profiles to send advertising, or to track the user on a website or across multiple websites for similar marketing purposes.

Google workspace for education

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Google workspace plans

Most of the companies that until now have been using the service for free will probably not take this issue into consideration, but it would be a good idea to talk to their data protection consultants before making any changes.

These types of companies have usually opted for a desktop email client, the most popular being Outlook, but we can find many other alternatives and very good ones. The interesting thing is to have the historical mail archive available, to make a backup copy or to be able to take it to another computer if the case arises.

But most companies and customers who are already accustomed to using Gmail as a mail manager most likely do not want to change. It is not necessary either, it would be enough to configure these POP accounts with the domain of our company in the Gmail configuration by registering them in the section of Configuration and import.

This option allows us to manage from the mailbox of a Gmail account that we have created previously, remember that the company one would stop working, type name-company-name @, the mails that are sent to our company accounts and to answer also through this same address. The interesting thing here is that workers will continue to use the same system as before, making the transition almost transparent for them.

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