Is gmail a cloud based service

It is Microsoft’s cloud storage service.

When we refer to developing applications in the cloud we have to specify how we are going to do it, since within the cloud concept there are different ways to do it that allow us greater flexibility or simplicity when deploying our applications or maintain them. Among these different forms that the cloud can take are: Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS).

The perfect example is provided by Amazon Web Service (AWS) which does not provide a series of services such as EC2 that allows us to manage virtual machines in the cloud or S3 to use as storage. We can choose which type of instances we want to use LInux or Windows, as well as the memory or processor capacity of each of our machines. The hardware for us is transparent, everything we manage is virtual.

Google Cloud

Drive can provide encrypted and secure access to your files. Files shared with you can be proactively scanned and deleted when malware, spam, ransomware or phishing is detected. In addition, because Drive is a cloud-native application, there is no need to have local files and the risks to your devices are minimized.

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Drive integrates with Documents, Spreadsheets and Presentations, cloud-native collaboration apps that enable your team to create content and collaborate more efficiently in real time.

Drive integrates with and complements your team’s existing technology. Collaborate on Microsoft Office files without having to convert file formats, and edit and save more than 100 additional file types, including PDF, CAD, images and more.

“Thanks to this, I no longer have to worry about finding the files I need. All my documents are in Drive and I can access them wherever I am. It’s a more than revolutionary solution.”

Google cloud

Cloud services are services that are used over the Internet. That is, they are not physically installed on your computer. It is a new paradigm that emerged with the advent of the World Wide Web.

Before the cloud came along, all software was installed on your computer. Cloud services are programs that are hosted on a server and accessible from any device connected to the Internet.

The advantages of this type of service are obvious, since its use is not restricted to a single computer and the security, storage capacity and resources of the cloud are greater than those of a computer.

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The most widely used. The software is hosted on the provider’s servers and the client accesses it through a web browser. Everything related to maintenance, support and availability is handled by the provider.

In this type of cloud services the provider offers access to a cloud-based environment in which users can create and distribute their own applications. The provider provides the underlying infrastructure.

Google drive cloud

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