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Password Generator

Free online application to generate random fake addresses based on your GMail account. You can use them to register on websites. All unnecessary messages received at the generated address can be automatically deleted or archived.

Some applications have direct access to messages received at the fake address. Some applications are not secure and can be hacked. But our application is absolutely secure. We do not have access to your account. We don’t even have access to the messages, received to the fake address.

Password-protected email generator

And we talk about aliases because these variations of your Gmail account are not accounts as such, although they can serve you in a similar way, since you will receive all the mails in your usual account ( Let me explain. These Gmail accounts will not be used to send mail; in fact, you cannot log in with them. It’s much simpler than that. What you can do is to use those addresses to register in different platforms or when giving your email to someone.

I can think, for example, to create different profiles in social networks and coordinate all the mail from the same account. You can also have multiple accounts on platforms like Dropbox, which offer a limited amount of free storage, so you can increase your space in the cloud without having to create a new Gmail account, simply sign up again on Dropbox using a different alias (for example, and the confirmation email will arrive in your regular email. The best thing is that you will have two (or more) accounts with their corresponding free storage.Easy, right?

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Password-protected google account generator

In the era in which we live it is practically essential to have an email address, whether for work issues, job offers (Linkedin), studies of ESO and higher … you will almost always have to deal with it and you will need an email account. Of course, this account is only for personal use and in it you have important information that you would not like to mix with spam. There is the possibility to create a second email account for this, but it often leads to problems and it is even possible to track down your main account from this secondary one.

Many websites require registration via email, and soon after that they will start sending you advertisements down a pipe and a half. What’s more, these sites often share information about their users with third parties, so you’ll get ads from all sides. This is solved with Gmailnator, which also has its strength in that it can create temporary Gmail accounts.

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The second is practically obligatory, since it allows us to manage our new account created in Gmailnator through its own web page. If we do not select it, we will have to resort to the Gmail website to log into it, and it can cause problems.

Generator of e-mails with names

But Gmail, or more specifically creating your own Gmail account, not only gives you access to an email account, but “is the key” to other tools available in the cloud that are also owned by the famous search engine.

Here are some of the best email marketing techniques that really work. “The money is in your list”. One of the best communication strategies is through email. It’s personal and intimate. Direct to your customer.

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And if you already have a personal one, it is recommended that you create a professional Gmail account different from your personal one, so that you can send more serious emails (something essential to give a good image in an online store or any other type of business).

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