How to find the archive in gmail

I cannot download files from gmail

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How to view archived emails in gmail 2021

In the e-mail archive, there is a special section dedicated to the attachments of archived e-mails. In this section you will find all the attachments that were contained in the emails at the time of archiving:All the attachments that have been archived are displayed. You can click the All attachment types button to filter by file type. For example, you can view all attachments that have been sent as PDF files.

  Where is archive in gmail

How to open an attachment

We can search for files in the Gmail search engine, true, but it is not very efficient, and probably we will not find (almost never) what we are looking for. However, there are extensions, like the ones we bring, with which we can search for attachments in Gmail in a more comfortable, visual way, and with much better results.

For many messaging apps that exist and new social networks to communicate that appear, email is far from disappearing or cease to be used. It is still fundamental in our lives and keeping it clean and tidy is key. Here we leave you a complete guide to clean the email and free up space, since unfortunately it is not usually unlimited.

In addition, in the case of many users, GMail is the place where all confirmation emails go, it is the gateway to virtually all our information and personal data, so it is also important to worry about their security and avoid future problems.Follow the topics that interest you

  Why can t i attach a file in gmail

Gmail attachment

A basic one when you can’t locate someone’s e-mail: you know more or less when they sent it to you but you’re not sure what subject it was about (or even the sender, as some of us have the bad habit of having several accounts and sometimes we get confused when writing from one or another).

Just type has:attachment in the search engine and you will find all the e-mails with attachments. If you also combine it with you will have all those from that sender.

Do you remember that a few weeks ago I told you that we use the CC – with copy and BCC – with blind copy fields very badly? Well, another thing that we do very badly is to use the reply to all. Sometimes (at least it happens to me), we hit Reply and half of the people don’t know the answer. This is when you totally mess up and start to generate parallel worlds (a.k.a alternative answers).

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The thing is that there is an option to change the default order of the Gmail buttons and put the Reply to all as the first visible reply option. Simply go to the account settings and look for this option:

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