Has gmail gone down

What happens with gmail today 2022

Users also started to experience, at the same time, access problems with Gmail and Drive, which prevent them from logging in and accessing received mails, in the mail service. In Drive, synchronization and application loading problems are experienced.

To find out if Gmail is working we can try to enter the server, check if it lets us log in and see if we receive emails. If we cannot perform any of these tasks, we can say that the server is not working.

Gmail down

As gmail has changed authentication policies, mainly to get rid of mail clients or code that they don’t control. Some mail clients have even stopped development for refusing to abide by the new authentication.

I have solved it, of course, I definitely had to stop using that account and use one with the domain of the organization and as you mentioned using own resources to manage the sending of mail, what I have changed the config.inc.php attached below the settings to serve someone else.

Hello people, although it took us a while to detect why the mail service stopped working with gmail (smtp.gmail.com) in the configuration of config.inc.php, thanks to the comments in this particular post and others, we managed to solve the problem. As Julian_Salas says, we applied the same solution and the emails started working again.

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Problems gmail I do not receive mails

If it says everything is fine and you’re still experiencing problems, it’s time for you to start figuring out what the problem is. Therefore, we discuss the bugs, errors and problems that the service can give you along with the possible solution.

If you try to access the service and it does not load, you notice that it does not work, there are problems on the screen or similar, the first thing to do is to check that the service is not down, is experiencing problems and that your internet connection is working properly. In addition, there may be other cases, such as those mentioned below.

If you are unable to log in to your account, you may get an error message, so you may be able to fix it by following the corresponding instructions. If your account is suspended or disabled, you will be told why. You can click on Request review to see if you can get your account restored, if you think the reason is unfair, as there are reasons why your account can be disabled without recovery such as automated messages, hacking, fake identity, spam, etc. They will also offer you the possibility to download some data if you need it.

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Gmail crash

@Nialls_Wishes I am in a zen state of my self and have gmail on sent. No problem. Plus I went through it with stuff you told me so something I’ll take. I’m just going to go faster now and be done.

@Veritoemegmail1 It happens to them like the Kisneristas they steal everything and have no maintenance,that’s why they fall and the drones are asked to Iran because they don’t have them,the problem is the missiles with nuclear warheads.

@EmbaVenMexico Hello the email tramitesconsularesvenmx@gmail.com does not work or has some problem that bounces my emails. Where should I send the information about the DHL guide to send the passport?

@ML_Help @Mercadolibre My user is danlopezperez@gmail.com and the big problem is the identity validation, complex for everyone and worse for blind people who use screen reader, but we can not access image.

  Is gmail com or co uk

@GARCIPAVON @GARCIPAVON2 @GARCIPAVON1 @MACHIAVELLEPRI2 @NandaZaragoza @IVertebra @Princess_Clau @IngGonzaloCort2 @ita_lesly @AhiAlemoran @ciudadanochi Now it turns out they have sent me emails that a supposed account of mine is trying to enter and it is a 2012 account that has my name @LeonardoSerra17 here the problem from where they got my Gmail email

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