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There are several options available to explore when receiving an email from Gmail. You can decide to download the attachment to your local hard drive. The download is in PDF format, where you can then read it from your local drive. There are several download features that you can take advantage of when trying to read the email that was sent to you. For example, you can choose to view and manage PDFs in your Gmail account. Gmail offers several options for managing the PDF files you receive as attachments. There are several tips and tricks you can employ when managing your Gmail account. Some of the tricks you can employ include the following:

These PDF files that you receive through Gmail can be important contracts, invoices, theses, dissertations, etc., right? To manage them properly and efficiently, you may need a PDF Editor to edit the text, add annotations, markup, etc. In this case, I would like to share with you my favorite PDF editing tool. It is PDFelement which has both Windows and Mac versions available. They work great in editing PDF text, highlighting and modifying PDF texts. Just download the trial version to see if it is suitable for you.

Manual to create an email in gmail pdf

This service is available in over 50 languages. With Gmail, emails can be sent and received through a browser interface. And, since 2012, Gmail is considered the most used free email provider in the world.

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In the following manual, you will be able to find specific but very important topics for using Gmail. Such as: How to create a Gmail account, How to change the look and feel of Gmail, and How to create signatures in Gmail.

This manual is completely free, and in case you need the pdf document, you can download it directly from the link below. The copyright of this manual prohibits any kind of change in its structure, but it can be published in any web page or educational blog.

In the following manual, you will find specific but very important topics for the use of Gmail. Such as: How to sort Gmail emails by sender, How to save or create a contact in Gmail, and How to use the “Confidential Mode” in Gmail emails.

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CCo: hidden recipient of the email. Same as above but your friend will not know that another contact is receiving this email. In a professional environment I do not recommend you to use it at all ;-).

If you gave your cell phone or you have linked another device they can send you a verification code or you will get a notification to another device that you have linked asking you if you are trying to recover your account.

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The option to delete all messages at once is not available for the mobile application, so you will have to access your email from a computer or delete messages by selecting them one by one.

Perform actions without opening the email. We can delete, archive, postpone or mark as unread without having to open the email. In the same way you can examine the attached files of an e-mail without having to enter it.

As you can see, using this email platform is not that complicated. It can be a bit confusing at first, especially if you come from Hotmail, but you will soon become familiar with it.

Everything you can do with gmail

4 Creating and sending emails To create a new email go to the main window (see the previous image) and click on the Compose button. Then the following window will appear: Institutional email (do not change it) Email or name of the Contact to whom the email will be sent. Title of the email. Toolbar to edit the text. To add attachments, click on the Attach a file link. It will show a window to choose the file, we locate our file and click on the Open button.

7 Choose the Forward option and the following window will appear: The original email (Read-only mode) Here we write the text we want to add to the original email to resend it. If we wish we can add text to the original email and finally click on the Send button. Delete emails In order not to saturate the capacity of our mail and to manage it in a better way, it is convenient to periodically delete some messages that we no longer wish to have them. To do this, in our inbox we select the emails we want to delete by clicking on the box that is displayed in front of the Subject of the message, after which a cross will be displayed.

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