Gmail not receiving emails

Gmail does not receive mail from my domain

There can be several reasons why you may not be able to receive emails. Below we have listed the most common possible causes and solutions. Also, remember that email reception problems can also be caused by the sender and not necessarily by the recipient.

The configuration of your email client is incorrect or incomplete and this prevents you from accessing your mails.Check all the configuration settings of your email client, such as the server address and port. If you need more information for each of the most popular email clients (Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, etc.), you can refer to the corresponding articles in our Help Center. To do so, go to the My Mail section.

Why don’t I get my gmail emails on my iphone?

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Please note: If you are experiencing delivery issues with marketing emails, please confirm that your email sending domain is connected before completing the steps below.

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To make sure you have set up your notification preferences correctly, take a look at the guide to setting up user notifications. Confirm that you have turned on each email switch for any specific notifications you wish to receive or click to turn on the email switch under Global Notifications to receive all notifications in your inbox.

Why do I not receive emails in gmail?

Email continues to be one of the tools par excellence for sharing information. Therefore, if your platform is having problems and you are not receiving your emails, you have come to the right place.

These are not isolated cases. If your e-mail stops receiving information, it is probably due to a specific problem. Below, we will address the most frequent cases of why emails are not arriving.

On the other hand, email is still one of the favorite targets for hackers, so it is prone to all kinds of malware and viruses, whose infection can ruin the operation of email and, above all, steal sensitive data from your business.

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The Outlook email included in the Microsoft 365 suite (formerly Office 365) provides you with integrated security in a single service. Outlook is one of the virtual work tools that Microsoft makes available to facilitate collaboration between teams.

After learning about these advantages, you will probably come to this conclusion: Microsoft 365 mail is a plausible option to protect yourself from bugs and security weaknesses that cause difficulties in the operation of email.

I don’t receive emails to hotmail

If someone has sent an e-mail to your e-mail account, but you can’t find it, read Find mail and people on If the message never arrived, there are several things you can do to try to fix the problem:

If the folder contains messages that have been marked as unwanted by mistake, right-click each e-mail, and then choose Mark as wanted. The message will automatically be moved to the Inbox.

If the Inbox is full, you will not receive any new messages. To make room in the Inbox, try emptying the Junk Mail folder by right-clicking Junk Mail > Empty folder.

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If you filter the Inbox based on categories or if the sorting criteria is different than usual, all the messages you expected to see may not be displayed. The filtering and sorting options are located at the top of the message list.

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