How to select all emails in gmail android

Select multiple gmail app emails

No matter how much space you have available (on your mobile, on your hard drive, on your file hosting service in the cloud …) sooner or later it runs out. And this universal truth can also be applied to Gmail space, which, thanks to endless chains of messages with your friends, newsletters, spam and many other emails, is filling up without remedy.

If you need to recover space in Gmail, the obvious way to do it is to clean up messages. But while this sounds easy, when you have several thousand emails in your inbox it can be a long and cumbersome task. Luckily, there are a couple of very interesting filters in Gmail that can help you reclaim that wasted space.

One of the ways you can reclaim space in Gmail is by deleting all the emails you once exchanged with someone you no longer have a relationship with. If you are no longer friends, or a couple, or you simply stopped working together, there is no point in saving their emails and wasting precious megabytes on them.

Gmail emails

Gmail is the email application that comes factory and by default on most of our mobile devices, which means that it is the most used email manager on Android, with more than 10,000 million downloads, and luckily we are also facing one of the best applications to manage our emails.

If when we have sent an email we realize that we have made a mistake in the message or the recipient we have a few seconds to cancel sending the message. For a few seconds we will see at the bottom of the application the option ‘Undo’.

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If we are going on vacation and we are going to be away from the office for many days, we can schedule an automatic reply from our account settings. There we can configure the days we will be away, the subject and the email message, as well as select that this automatic reply will only be sent to our contacts.

By default Gmail notifications show us the option to archive a message but from the General settings we can change this behavior to allow us to directly delete an email from its notification.

How to select multiple emails in gmail iphone

This procedure will be useful in those cases where you have more than 50 unread emails, maybe several hundred or 2000, and you just want to select them all at once to mark them as read without having to go through pages to do so. It’s a lot simpler than it sounds, and you can do it in the Inbox as well as in any other folder.

When you choose All, the emails on the active page will be selected, but you will also see an indicator if you want to select all of them. What you have to do here, is to choose the option to Select XXX conversations from *Inbox, where in XXX you will see all the emails you have. In addition to the inbox, you can also do this in any other inbox.

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When you click on the above option, absolutely all the mails you have in the selected band will be selected. Now, what you have to do is click on the Mark as read button that will appear in the list of options above the emails, with the icon of an open envelope. In case you have any doubts, if you hold the button over the icon, the text of the option will be displayed.

How to select all emails in gmail to delete them

1. How to archive an email in Gmail PCArchiving emails from the inbox can help us to have a cleaner view of the inbox. To archive several or all the emails in the inbox we will have to do the following

It is simpler than you think and it will not be necessary to go selecting one by one making you lose a lot of time. To archive all the emails in the inbox you will have to tap on the icon in the top bar of the box and a window will pop up where you will have to select “All”.

2. How to unarchive mail in Gmail PCEThese emails will not be deleted, just archived and it will be possible to retrieve them when you need them. To find out how to view archived emails in Gmail you will need to follow these steps:  Step 1Log in to Gmail and in the left column you will see the “More” option. Click on it and several options will be displayed. Now click on “All” to access all emails.

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3. How to archive mail in Gmail Android or iPhoneWe often check and manage our mail through our cell phones due to the large amount of time we spend away from home throughout the day. The Gmail mobile app also allows you to archive mails if you do the following:  Step 1Log in to the Gmail application on your mobile device.

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