Gmail automatically move to folder

Create rules in gmail

People use all sorts of methods to organize their inboxes. One way is to move emails to specific folders, which in gmail, are called labels. So here we will show you how to label and move emails automatically.

Using labels is especially important if you receive tons of messages on a daily basis. You can see these labeled emails in your inbox at a glance. But since they are also moved to the corresponding “folder”, you can see them there as well. You can do all this by creating a filter in Gmail.

By using a Gmail filter, you can set criteria for incoming emails and then apply a label to the matching messages. You can then select the label folder to view all emails with that label.

Visit Gmail and log in if necessary. Click on the settings icon in the upper right to view settings. Then select “View all settings” in the sidebar that appears.

How to make the mails reach a label?

In the ‘From:’ section enter the email address of the person you want and then click on ‘Create filter’. Here you will see several options to check, choose ‘Apply the label’ and where it says ‘Choose a label’ choose the new folder you have created. Finally, click on ‘Create filter’.

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How do I get emails into a folder in Outlook?

In Outlook, select Move. To move an item to a folder, select the folder from the drop-down list. If the folder does not appear in the list, select Other folder and select the folder in the Choose Folder dialog box. To copy an item to a folder, select Copy to Folder.

How to make emails arrive in a gmail folder

In other email programs, you may have stored messages in folders. In Gmail, you can use labels to sort your emails by categories. Labels are an advanced version of the old folders: you can apply several labels to a mail and then locate it by clicking on any of them in the left pane. You can also search by label.

At the top of the inbox, search for some keywords that appear anywhere in the message you are looking for: in the subject line, in the message body or in the sender’s name.

Create folders in gmail

Email is nowadays a widely used means of communication in all areas. Probably if you are reading these lines you will feel identified with me: I receive hundreds of e-mails a day and being able to attend them all, with the speed it deserves, can take hours and hours, turning this into a tedious task.

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Well, using a good email manager is very important, but organization and order are just as important. In my case I use Gmail web on my PC, Windows at work and Mac for private use.

Create as many labels as you deem appropriate. This option can also be done directly from an email, by clicking on the “labels” icon above the subject of the email itself.

Gmail filters

Hi, my question is about how to organize Gmail mail in folders or somehow to get a mail to go directly to a Gmail folder. I want to be able to move mails folder automatically. My question then is, how to make certain emails go to a specific Gmail folder?

Gmail is one of the email platforms that offers more advantages to its users, certainly one of them is the possibility of having an impeccable organization in the classification of the folders where all the content is stored.

In Gmail you can create labels that is something like the folders you mentioned and are like filters that you can put to specific addresses to go there directly when they arrive. It is a way to avoid saturating your inbox with all kinds of topics. You can create all the labels or categories you want, I leave you the way to do it here:

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An example would be to create a label with emails from work, from the university, from promotions… if there is an address or addresses that write to us a lot, this filtering can be interesting. I am going to create a YouTube category for example.

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