Export contacts from gmail to excel

How to export contact list from gmail to excel

The first valuable data we store on a cell phone are the phone contacts of those we know. Much of this information may be irretrievable when we have changed the phone or deleted the contacts unintentionally.

Exporting contacts not only provides us with security and work efficiency, but also the best organization of the data we handle. Here is the solution and alternatives to extract contacts from iPhone in simple steps.

Step 4: The program will show you a preview of your contacts, select the ones you want to export and just click “Recover”. Just like that the contacts will be recovered and you can download them to your PC or export them in Excel format.

iCloud is a cloud service provided by Apple that when you have enabled synchronization from the device settings will extract all the contents of your iphone to icloud.com. From there you will be able to restore contacts from an iCloud backup.

Emails such as Gmail and Outlook (formerly Hotmail) also provide the opportunity to export or recover contacts from backups made by our devices on their servers, this is achieved in a very similar way in both cases just by following a few steps.

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Export contacts to excel

However, adding new contacts one by one through a web browser or phone can be tedious. Therefore, you may be looking for a way to add many contacts at once by importing them in bulk to your Gmail account by uploading a file.

The steps in this article were performed using Microsoft Excel. The general way to import contacts into Gmail via a CSV file is to download the CSV template from your Gmail account, open that file in Excel to add data, save the file and send it back to Gmail.

Note that this table may contain a large number of columns and that important fields, such as Email Value 1 and Phone Value 1, may require some scrolling. For example, these fields were the AE and AG columns in my exported CSV file. I have hidden some columns in the image below so you can see how the most important ones are labeled and where they are.

Export gmail contacts to iphone

Now that we know how to create new contacts in Gmail, we are going to see how to export them to Excel, which can be very useful as a backup file.

Another option is to manually search for each contact we are interested in exporting and select it from the list by filling in the checkbox. Once all of them have been selected, we must click again on export and choose the Selected contacts option.

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The downloaded file is a comma separated values file. This format is designed to group all the data in a column and, within it, separate each value with commas.

Therefore, to read our contacts correctly, we have to adapt it to our vision. With the file open in Excel, we have to select the entire first column, where our data should be. Then we go to the Data section and click on Text in columns.

That is why, for example, once we have made the export as such, we recommend you to protect it. It must be said that the data stored here can be in some cases of a very sensitive nature, so it should not be available to anyone. So, in order to assign a password to the new document, before saving it, click on the drop-down list called Tools.

Export gmail emails to excel

Below are some of the most common email applications where you currently keep your contacts. Follow the instructions to create a CSV file from your email provider, then scroll down for instructions to import CSV to Gmail to synchronize contacts with your mobile phonebook.

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To use the following methods you will need Active Sync (Windows 2000,XP) or Windows Mobile Device Center (Microsoft Vista). These programs provide Microsoft Windows users with a way to transport documents, calendars, contact lists and email between the desktop computer and a mobile device.

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