How to switch from bt mail to gmail

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It is possible that after these months of teleworking and confinement, you have seen how your work and personal email account was filled with hundreds of messages until (at least in my case) even to fill the entire space available in Gmail. And it is that in many cases we can not simply delete to create more space.

In addition, in the case of wanting to make a backup of a company’s Gmail account, it is possible that we require the administrator to enable the Takeout functions beforehand.

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As we know, emails have a message in the subject line. It is a way to show to whom we send that email what it is about or what they are going to expect. This way we can also keep an order and search for a certain message more easily in the future.

However, when it comes to forwarding or replying to an e-mail this option is not so present. It exists, but it is not something we see very clearly. Therefore we are going to explain how to change the subject when we are going to forward or reply to an email in Gmail.

When we click on forward or reply, a field appears to write the recipient, as well as the message to send. However, it is not clear how to change the subject. To do this, click on the arrow that appears just to the left of To. Here we must click on Edit subject. In this way we will be able to set a different subject than the default one. This is a way to further customize the message we are going to reply to or forward.

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We simply have to write the new subject we want, complete the e-mail and send it. In this way it will no longer be sent with the default subject, but with the one that we have put again.

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For all this to be feasible as far as possible, it is important that you do not delete your old account or its contents. On the one hand, because you will need it to configure the applications of the new account, and on the other hand because if you delete the old account there is a lot of data that you will lose forever, since at most you can share them with the new one.

You will see that there is a button to forward the emails, and with it you can have them automatically forwarded to your new account. However, it is better to configure POP mail so that when you access the messages through the new account, they are marked as read or deleted in the old one.

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The configuration is as you see it on the screen. On the one hand, select the Enable POP for all messages option, and in point two select what you want to do with those emails once you forward them. If you are satisfied with them not appearing as received, you can mark them as read. And if you don’t want them to accumulate, you can archive them or delete them directly. Note that even if you delete them, they will have been forwarded. When you configure it this way, save the changes.

How to synchronize a gmail account on the cell phone

The new version of Gmail for Android (version 5.11) allows you to “gmailize” your mail to get Gmail features for all your mail. That is, it allows you to link your other email account with your Gmail account. At the moment with Outlook/Hotmail and Yahoo Mail, although more providers will be supported.

There in their wizard you have to configure again your non-Gmail account to identify yourself and give it the necessary permissions in case it requires it. Just before finishing you will have to select which email address you want to be the default for sending emails.

Gmail for Android will send and reply to emails from your default address, although at any time you can choose which sender to use by tapping “From”. Also from your account Settings you can change the default address.

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If we are no longer interested in having our other account linked to Gmail we can unlink it from the Settings. When unlinking the account we can keep a copy of the emails from the other account or delete them. The emails will always remain in your provider’s inbox.

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