Change subject line in gmail

Subject email examples

As we know, e-mails have a message in the subject line. It is a way to show to whom we send that email what it is about or what they are going to expect. This way we can also keep an order and search for a certain message more easily in the future.

However, when it comes to forwarding or replying to an e-mail this option is not so present. It exists, but it is not something we see very clearly. Therefore we are going to explain how to change the subject when we are going to forward or reply to an email in Gmail.

When we click on forward or reply, a field appears to write the recipient, as well as the message to send. However, it is not clear how to change the subject. To do this, click on the arrow that appears just to the left of To. Here we must click on Edit subject. In this way we will be able to set a different subject than the default one. This is a way to further customize the message we are going to reply or forward.

We simply have to write the new subject we want, complete the e-mail and send it. In this way it will no longer be sent with the default subject, but with the one that we have put again.

How to change the subject line in a Gmail message?

To do this, click on the arrow that appears just to the left of Para. Here you should click on Edit subject. In this way we will be able to set a different subject than the default one. A way to further customize the message that we are going to reply or forward.

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How to make Gmail subject bold?

On your Android phone or tablet, open the Gmail app. Add text to the message. Double-tap the text you want to format. Press Format and choose a formatting option, such as bold, italic, or change the font color.

What do you put in the Gmail subject line?

The subject line is a brief description that introduces the user to the content of the email, without the user having to open it.

How to change the subject of an email already sent

We will display a checklist with your welcome email options. Go through your checklist and make the necessary changes to your automation, such as the Sender Name, email address, subject line and sending delay.

Well done! Now, anyone who subscribes to your email marketing will receive your welcome message. When the data starts coming in, you can check the automation report to see how it’s performing.

After you start the automation, you’ll probably want to test it in your inbox to see how it looks. Since subscription automation tests are somewhat complex, we advise you to read the entire section. Here’s how they work.

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Subject in gmail examples

Just as doctors must know every part of the human anatomy and how it works, the same thing happens with emailing and marketing specialists. Many times companies are encouraged to implement emailing strategies, but they do not get the expected results. Why? You must know your tool from start to finish, so that you can use each element to your advantage.

Here are the first elements that the user sees when receiving an email: it depends on this whether the person will be interested in reading the message or discard it. Its structure contains the following elements.

To make this first section optimal, it will be relevant for you to know your consumer: what might be attractive to him, how he talks and what kind of message works with him. Follow the tips below to create the best headline for you.

To determine its length, take into account the type of devices on which your users read their messages (up to 78% of emails are opened on mobile devices). We recommend that your subject line be less than 50 characters so that it is always readable.

How to correct an email already sent by gmail

Fortunately, you can switch to Gmail’s compact view from the default or convenient view setting you are currently using, which allows you to view multiple emails on your screen at the same time.

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Fortunately, many of the Gmail settings can be changed, including the amount of space a single email takes up in your inbox. So, if you decide you want to see multiple emails when you look at your screen, our guide below shows you how to set the inbox view to the compact setting to accomplish this.

The method for changing the view in Gmail has gone through a few different versions, although the basic premise remains the same. The following section shows you how to change your Gmail view to a previous version of Gmail.

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