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Over time we can accumulate a large amount of emails. We are not only talking about the ones we receive, but also the ones we send. Sometimes even with attachments that we may need at any given time.

Logically we have the option to access our account and consult a specific e-mail that we want. The question is that it may happen that we are going to be some time without Internet or that we do not want to depend on the Gmail service to be always available. This makes us choose to download all the emails and save them on our computer, for example. You can also see our tutorial on blocking IP addresses in Gmail to improve security.

Once all this is done, we simply click on create archive, on the corresponding button. Keep in mind that it may take some time to process. It will depend on the amount of emails we have, if we have selected all of them, etc. It may even take days.

How to download an email from gmail to your cell phone

There are many messages and attachments that we can store in our Gmail mailbox, hence downloading messages and files can be quite a heavy task if we have to do it one by one. Therefore, we are going to show how we can download all messages and files from our Gmail account.

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Therefore, it is advisable to have this backup, which will serve as a backup in case you lose some of your most valuable data. It will also help you to be able to use them in another service that allows it.

Once we click on the Create file button, we will be informed that the process may take several hours or even days, so we will receive by mail the files containing the messages and attachments of our mail.

This will download a file with the .eml extension to our computer and the subject of the e-mail in question as its name. To open the downloaded EML files, you must have an e-mail client installed on your computer. Otherwise, they will be files that we will not be able to visualize otherwise.

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There are many reasons why you may want to export or download all the emails in a Gmail account. You may want to migrate the email account to a different email client, or you may just want a backup of all your emails should the worst happen.

Reading of Interest 4 easy ways to remove Bloatware from Windows 10/11Now it’s time to wait. Hours or days later, your export will be ready. Once your export is available, you can view the files it contains. Regardless of the file type you selected, inside the compressed file you will find an HTML file called archive_browser inside the archive. You can use a browser to open that file and view information about the export.

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You will also find a folder called Mail. Open it to find the MBOX archive of your emails. While you cannot open an MBOX file directly in Windows, you can view its contents by opening it with a text editor. In addition, you can find free programs to convert the MBOX file to a PST or EML file.

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Gmail offers the ability to download attachments from within the platform itself. It’s not too much of a mystery. Photos, documents or videos can be downloaded to both mobile and computer in a few seconds by clicking on the Download button.

This way you can download files spread over several messagesThe Mail Attachment Downloader tool works perfectly when you want to download several files but they are not in the same email. Once installed on your computer, you will have to associate your Gmail account.

This application allows you to apply a series of filters when downloading files so that only those you are interested in are downloaded. When everything is configured, you only have to click on Connect and Download, in the upper right corner.

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Download all filesAnother option is to download all the attachments in Gmail at once. In this way, and in an automated way, the browser itself will download all the documents, even those that you didn’t even know you had been sent.

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