Shortcut for gmail on desktop

Gmail desktop icon

Once we have the icon on the desktop, we can leave it there or drag it to the quick access bar of the taskbar. We can also quickly create a shortcut to one of the document types displayed in the window, for example, Bitmap Image, Microsoft Word Document, Flash Movie, HTML, etc. To do this, just click on the corresponding icon and a shortcut will be created that opens the associated program, for example Microsoft Word with a blank document.

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Some users shy away from the web version of many mail platforms, such as Outlook or Gmail, and prefer to use desktop clients. However, it is possible that many will give it a chance if we can “adapt” Gmail to be used with all the features of a desktop client and without leaving any of its possibilities along the way. It only takes seven simple steps.

Gmail is the most widely used webmail in the world, but desktop clients still have their appeal for many users. This is due to their ability to save emails locally on your computer and access them at any time.

As we mentioned in the introduction, many users are still stuck with desktop clients because of their offline support for email. This means that we will be able to check the emails in our inbox at any time, even if we do not have an Internet connection.

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Another of the main reasons for using a desktop client is to group several email accounts in the same application. To do this, we can use the main Gmail account for the same purpose. In its configuration options, we will visit Accounts and Import where we can configure “Send mail as: (Use Gmail to send messages from other email addresses)”.

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If you have reached this article is because you probably want to learn how to put Gmail on your desktop because it is your favorite email client, or the one you use the most for whatever reason. That is why we are going to explain you in different steps that you can easily follow to be able to work in the best way with Gmail on your desktop.

Another of its features is that the email storage is completely centralized. What it achieves in this way is that the user has the option to mark emails with different attributes and thus be able to sort them in a better way. This is one of the key features that make the difference to the maximum compared to other email programs that work with a simple folder system and just stay there, without going further as Gmail. This system, to give you an idea, is similar to the tabs that would be provided with different indexes.

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If you found it interesting, have any questions or want to contribute anything to the article, do not hesitate to write it here below in the comment box that we have enabled for you. We hope you have learned how to put gmail on your desktop without any doubt, enjoy your new email!

Gmail on desktop

Email has become one of the most used means of communication by many users, since they send files, information, documents, etc. through this type of platforms on a daily basis. In addition, the use of many applications or services requires an email account for its use, as well as cell phones. That is why the choice of our manager is important for us to feel comfortable during its use in all the services it offers.

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With these simple steps we can create a shortcut for Gmail in Windows 10 and simply access the account either from the desktop or from the taskbar simplifying the tasks of going to the website.

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