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But keep in mind that the labels keep the emails in the inbox even if you classify them.    If you want to save them in folders the button that interests us is just the “Move to…” that will directly take that email to that folder or category to have them saved and not have a saturated inbox where you can’t find an email.

To do this, the first thing we have to do is to open a browser and identify ourselves in our Gmail account. Once this is done, we click on the gear button that is displayed at the top right of the screen and select the Themes option.

In the next step, Gmail will offer us the possibility to choose between the featured photos, our photos, upload a photo, indicate a URL of the photo we want to assign as a custom Gmail theme or choose among the recently selected ones.

Once we have chosen the image of our custom theme we click on Select and when we return to the Choose your theme window, we give it our personal touch from the settings shown at the bottom.  There we will be able to indicate whether the background shown over the text we want to be dark or light, if we want to darken the corners of the chosen image or the degree of blur we want to apply on it.

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Copy formatting in gmail

You can change the formatting of a message when replying or forwarding it. If someone sends you a plain text message, for example, you can reply to that message or forward it using HTML or rich text formatting.

How the message is displayed to the person receiving it depends on their e-mail program. If the recipient’s e-mail program is configured to convert messages, for example, a message you send with HTML formatting may be converted to plain text.

Plain text formatting works with all e-mail programs, but does not support bold or italic text, colored fonts, or other text formatting features. Plain text formatting also does not allow images to be displayed within the message, although you can include images as attachments.

You can specify the message formatting for an Internet e-mail address contact. For example, if you want all messages sent to to be in plain text format, you can add that information to your Outlook contact for Melissa.

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ttps:// you can benefit from the advantages they offer, in this article you will find a definitive guide of keyboard shortcuts with the essential key combinations to work on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Gmail, YouTube and more platforms and services.Take note!Definitive guide of keyboard shortcuts.

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Keyboard shortcuts for WindowsWindows 10 has a multitude of keyboard shortcuts, which are key combinations with which you can do tasks that are usually done with the mouse. They work on any PC that has Microsoft’s operating system installed, so you can use them on all computers, regardless of brand or manufacturer.In the following list we leave you some of the most common Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts:

These are the most common key combinations, but there are also other Windows 10 shortcuts that every user should know, so keep them in mind to save time in front of the screen. If you want to know more, on the official Microsoft website you will find a complete guide to the Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts.keyboard shortcuts for Mac

How to use bullets in google docs

The tab key is used whenever you want to indent. To press the tab key, extend your left ring finger outward in an upward, diagonal motion to the left.

Examples of toggle keys For example, press the “Alt” and “Tab” keys together to switch between open programs without minimizing windows. Note that the toggle keys do not always have the same function on different operating systems.

If you are using an Android, the language varies, but you should find the setting for your keyboard under Settings General Language and Input Keyboard Preferences (you may need to choose a keyboard) Text Correction (might be called Word Suggestion). Tap the switch to activate it.

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It can only be played on devices that suggest words as you type, which makes it ideal for on-the-go. Basically, when you start an answer, you just press the suggested word in the middle (or whatever you choose) twenty times or so. But once you choose which button to press, you can’t move on to another one.

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