Hotmail not syncing with gmail

Why can’t I see my emails in gmail on my cell phone?

In the second section, check “delete the copy of Gmail” if you are not going to access your email from the web anymore. If you are going to combine both services, it is better to leave one of the other two options. Click on “Save changes”.

Why do I have to synchronize my Gmail account with Outlook, if I don’t want to, because I prefer each to be independent of the other? How do I ask Microsoft not to send any more emails asking me to synchronize my Gmail account with Outlook?

It only shows how to set up a gmail account via pop in Outlook. Very limited option considering that there is the Imap option that allows you to see the same in Outlook or in the Gmail web portal or wherever you want to access the account from.

gmail blocked me to outlook because it interpreted that I was trying to enter as an intruder to gmail, now all the outlook emails are blocked, how can I recover the outlook emails, and be able to synchronize both correctly.

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My gmail does not work

From Xda-Developers inform us that you can now configure the native Android mail client to receive mails from the previously known as Outlook Hotmail without having to go through its own application. This means that, at last, Microsoft has enabled the EAS protocol (Exchange activeSync), to be supported by all accounts linked to their mail services, so now all devices that support EAS 2010 can have push notifications and synchronization with your calendars and contacts.

Synchronizing mail does not finish

When you are inside your Gmail account click on the gear icon at the top right (1), and among the options that pop up click on Settings (2) to enter the menu to configure your email.

A second pop-up window will open asking you if you want to synchronize your emails, your contacts, calendars and various other Microsoft items in Gmail. In this window just click Yes to agree to import your Outlook or Hotmail account into Gmail.

Wait a few seconds after clicking the Yes button, and you will get a message saying Close this window to continue. Follow it and click the close window button at the top right, but leave open the pop-up window where the main process is being performed.

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After closing the other window, in which the main process is running, you will access the second step of the process. Here you can select whether you want to import contacts, mails you already have or new mails. Choose all 3 to use Hotmail completely in Gmail, and then click on the Start Import button.

Synchronize gmail

One of the most common faults, if not the most common, is that the automatic synchronization option has been disabled, which is responsible for instantly receiving emails on your Android phone. In the case that the function is not active, the emails will not arrive automatically, so to receive it you will have to enter Gmail and update manually, to see if you have received anything. To check and make sure this does not happen to you, you should follow these steps:

It may seem absurd, but many people never update their apps on Android. This causes different failures to occur, among them in Gmail synchronization. If the app is giving problems, it is a good idea to check if there is an update available, as it may solve the problem.

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