Archive mail on gmail

What is archiving in gmail for?

One concept that is often confusing for new Gmail users is archiving mail in the inbox. Clicking the archive button will move the selected message out of the inbox, but it does not mean that the mail is deleted.

What happens to the message? If you applied a label to the message and clicked the archive button, it will not be visible in the inbox, but it will be accessible from the labels section of Gmail, as well as in the All section. If you did not label the message and if you deleted it from the inbox, it will only be visible in the All section.

To test this, take any email that is in your inbox and apply a label to it, but do not save it. Then go to the section of the label you applied and look at the message in the list, you should see the labels you applied in the same way as the labels that are in the inbox. This should also be visible in the All section. When you save a message you are simply removing the received label so that it does not appear.

Where to view archived emails

If you are a Gmail user, then surely you already know the option offered by the service to archive messages. An option that is shown to us by simply hovering the mouse pointer over the mail messages in the inbox. But what exactly does it do? We reveal its functions, why it is interesting to use it and how to activate it easily.

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In addition, you should know that if you archive any message it will reappear in your inbox if someone replies to it, while another similar action that may be of interest to you is muting. With it, replies will not appear in your inbox if someone replies to you, although you can search for the conversation if you wish. Any of these options can be done manually.

Therefore, the fact of being able to archive mail messages allows us to have a cleaner and more organized inbox without losing those messages. As we have already said, they can appear again at any time if someone replies to them or retrieve them so that we can write about them ourselves. Therefore, to avoid having to archive certain messages by hand, Gmail offers us the possibility of indicating whether we want to archive an email message at the same time we send it.

Archive mail

This involves copying an e-mail from where it usually is, the user’s mailbox, to a place where it can remain for a long time. Of course, this place must remain accessible so that the user can easily and quickly retrieve any archived e-mail. Once the email is archived, it can be deleted from the user’s mailbox.

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This archiving process for emails that are electronic documents is very similar to the archiving process for paper documents. When I no longer need certain paper documents in my daily work and I start to run out of space in my office, I archive these documents.

There are several archiving methods, from the simplest: the document is placed in a folder stored on a shelf in the Archive service, e.g. “2007 – Invoices”. To the very specific archiving process managed by professional archivists.

The most recent messaging solutions, such as Exchange 2010, 2013 or 2016, offer the user, in addition to his usual mailbox, an archive mailbox. It is in a way an extension of the usual mailbox where the user can, by a simple drag and drop, move an email from his mailbox.

How to view archived emails in gmail iphone

The amount of emails that are sent and received every day in the business environment is countless, but you don’t often think about their preservation. And yet, companies are required by law to retain their electronic communication, especially if it contains sensitive information. Archiving all emails is not an option, as the law prescribes what kind of emails and for how long they should be…

You can archive Outlook e-mails and all old appointments and tasks automatically after a predefined period of time, but you can adjust the auto-archiving options if necessary. Outlook also offers the possibility to manually archive selected folders. Here’s how to do it.

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Maintaining multiple e-mail accounts is time-consuming and impractical. Did you know that you can forward e-mails to Gmail so that they arrive in your main account? We tell you how to activate automatic forwarding in Gmail and how you can take advantage of this handy feature to merge your regular email account and your Gmail account.

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