How to change notification sound for gmail on android

Notifications gmail android

On Android there are many mail applications, although the star is still Gmail as it is the one that comes preinstalled on the vast majority of cell phones. Gmail is not a perfect mail app by any means, and one proof of this is that it can be somewhat difficult to get the hang of Gmail notifications.

Many things can go wrong with Gmail notifications: you get too many notifications or you don’t get the right ones and miss important emails. We will tell you all the settings you can make in Gmail to control your notifications and leave them exactly as you want them: no more, no less.

Before we get into the details of which emails you want to receive as notifications and which you don’t, let’s look at something simpler: the action you want to appear in the notification. When Android notifies you that a new message has arrived in Gmail, two buttons are included below the notification: Archive and reply.

The reply button is fixed, but the Archive button can be changed to the Delete button. Archived messages are saved forever (even if they are not in the inbox), while deleted messages go to the trash and are deleted forever after 30 days.

How to set gmail notifications

Every time we receive an email from Gmail, a new notification is triggered on our device. However, these can be configured for each mail account, so we can customize each one differently. If we want to modify them and even disable them we just need to follow the steps below:

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There is also the option of being able to enable or disable notifications of our inbox labels. That is to say, we can indicate to Gmail on the basis of certain parameters, if we want to be notified with all the messages that arrive to us, or if we only want to know those that we consider as important. For this reason, it is interesting to create specific labels, where you can include the most interesting emails. This is similar to marking contacts as favorites on your mobile device and, thus, you will only receive notifications from contacts that are within one or other tags.

Another very interesting option is that we can select the type of vibration that we want to sound every time we receive an email, respecting the parameters that have been discussed in the previous section. This way, we can receive as many notifications as we want and we will not be aware of them.

How to activate gmail notifications on your cell phone

Once inside the Gmail app settings, click on General settings to go to the settings that affect the app regardless of the account to which the mail arrives. Here, click on the Default Notification Action option, which by default will be Archive. You will be able to change it to Delete, so that when you receive the email you can choose to reply and delete it instead of replying and archiving it.

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When you get notifications to your Android phone, whether they are the application they are, you are also offered some options to manage them and organize the priorities of those you want to send you notification sounds or those you prefer to switch to silent mode of Android notifications.

To do this, you have to open the notifications panel of your Android when you get one from Gmail, and then keep your finger pressed on the notification. When you do this you will see several options, being able to give higher priority to the notifications of that application or switching them to silent mode.

Why am I not receiving gmail notifications on my cell phone?

One of the greatest advantages of having your cell phone with you all day long is that that important email you are waiting for can arrive and you can automatically read it. Before, when you did not have the advantage of configuring your email account on your cell phone, you had to wait until you got home or be in front of a computer, waiting to see if that message was coming or not. Today you have the possibility of receiving an email wherever you are, and you probably use the most famous service of all. So that you can optimize it to the maximum, in this TopMobiles article we will tell you how to customize Gmail notifications on Android.

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Gmail is an email app that has the advantage of being very customizable. And the options to do so are focused not only on your inbox, but also in reference to the actions that can be performed with Gmail, and their respective notifications.

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