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Office 365 email

Evolution Evolution is another alternative to Outlook in our selection. It is a mail program and collaborative software that enjoys great popularity among Linux users. As part of the GNOME desktop environment it is the standard mail client for many Linux users. It enables all the main functions offered by Outlook: management and organization of messages, contacts, appointments, tasks and notes.Most important features:Evolution is a free Outlook alternative for Linux.Encryption is done by GPG and S/MIME. Evolution is also recommended for professional use, as it supports groupware or collaboration servers as well as Microsoft Exchange.

SpikeThe Spike email client, released in 2013, combines the functions of classic email programs with those of modern messaging applications. As soon as you link a private mailbox to the application, you no longer have to worry about completing subject lines or inserting a signature, while the elementary functions of any e-mail client, such as the central inbox, calendar or contact management, are integrated into a modern messaging environment. It is no coincidence that the manufacturer describes Spike as a “dialog-based e-mail application”. In addition, audio and video calls can also be made using the software.Key features:Spike automatically groups all messages from the same sender in chronological order in a specific archive that you can consult at any time.Spike also relies on modern standards when it comes to security. With a single click, any communication, including attachments, can be encrypted (AES-256) so that your messages are optimally protected against unauthorized access. Recipients who do not use the application can also easily decrypt incoming messages. Compared to Outlook, Spike is free for private users, although monthly fees apply for the integration of e-mail accounts for professionals.

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The administrator must disable two-step verification (also called multi-factor authentication) if you want to deliver content using an Office 365 mail account. If you have problems connecting to the Office 365 mail server or communication establishment failure messages appear, check the security settings of your Office 365 account.

Disabling security features makes the Office 365 account less secure, so you may want to consider using an SMTP mail server. If you choose to use Office 365, you do so at your own risk.

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The question is that there are free email accounts and other paid, but they offer a number of benefits that do not have the free ones, such as assigning the names we want to these accounts, under the identity of our own domain, ie, suppose we bought “”, from that domain we can get an email service that allows us to create email accounts, but for this we would also need a hosting where to host those emails, but then, to send and receive new messages we would need an email manager.

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Yahoo! Mail is still considered the third most used email service worldwide, mainly because of the simplicity of its interface and the fact that it still has official applications for Android and iOS.

ProtonMail is another free webmail manager that stands out for its robustness and high security. It encrypts the information to such an extent that it is not even possible for third parties to access it, not even from ProtonMail’s own servers.

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When replying to emails from this mailbox, you can choose to reply as if you were sending an email from your Gmail account (default), or you can reply by displaying the alias email address you just set up (in this example [email protected]).

If you want to reply using a specific address, you will see that option. Clicking the link will open another pop-up box where you can enter the email address you want to reply from. Then click the Next Step button to continue.

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You can now use your Office 365 email address directly from an existing Gmail account. When you create a new email, you will see the option to choose which address to send it from.

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