How to mark all as read in gmail app

How to mark all gmail emails as read

Whether it’s because you’re back from vacation or because you want to get your inbox under control without deleting everything, marking emails as read in Gmail can be a good starting point to reclaim your digital space.

Note, however, that you can mark all your emails as read-only in the desktop version of Gmail. In the mobile app, you can mark messages as read-only one by one. Here’s how to mark all emails as read.

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Gmail gives us the ability to completely remove all emails that we have received or sent in one sitting, in addition to being able to mark each and every one of them as read. The procedure is extremely simple, and through a series of steps we show you how to do it so you don’t have to worry about those notifications anymore.

Although it may be risky to delete everything at once, we can always filter by the emails that weigh the most and delete those that we do not need, as discussed in this article. If, on the other hand, you want to decide to delete everything, here is how to do it.

As the main requirement for this trick, we have to enter Gmail from the browser of our computer, or through the browser of our mobile device by activating the ‘Computer view’. This is because the option that appears in Gmail to select everything is only shown in this way.

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Once we have clicked on the option, we can manipulate at will each and every one of the mails we have in our inbox, or any other Gmail folder. Having selected all the messages, we can delete them all at once to save space, or mark them as read to remove any notification.

Mark as read gmail app

Read also: How to move your LinkedIn contacts to your Gmail emailIt may be a somewhat clumsy solution or not the option you were expecting but it is the fastest and most usual one available today. Also, unless you have an extremely active email, you will rarely need this option and it is not worth using an extra application to solve this problem.

You also know that you can mark all the messages you have on the screen by clicking on the first one for a few seconds and then just click on the images on the left to mark them all and delete them all together at once. It is another way to mark several messages as read on Android at once but the solution to mark all messages in the tray is to see the PC Gmail on the mobile, there is no other option. If you have problems accessing the desktop version of Gmail you can try using the comments and we will be happy to help you.

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How to mark all emails as read in gmail iphone

This procedure will be useful in those cases where you have more than 50 unread emails, maybe several hundred or 2000, and you just want to select them all at once to mark them as read without having to go through pages to do so. It’s a lot simpler than it sounds, and you can do it in the Inbox as well as in any other folder.

When you choose All, the emails on the active page will be selected, but you will also see an indicator if you want to select all of them. What you have to do here, is to choose the option to Select XXX conversations from *Inbox, where in XXX you will see all the emails you have. In addition to the inbox, you can also do this in any other inbox.

When you click on the above option, absolutely all the mails you have in the selected band will be selected. Now, what you have to do is click on the Mark as read button that will appear in the list of options above the emails, with the icon of an open envelope. In case you have doubts, if you hold the button over the icon, the text of the option will be displayed.

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