Find large emails in gmail

Delete heavy gmail emails

In Gmail, spaces open in full-screen mode. Alternatively, open a space in a pop-up window to multitask in Gmail without losing sight of the space activity.

By default, Gmail displays the most recent message in a conversation at the end of the conversation. If you want new messages to appear at the beginning of the conversation, you can install an extension from the Chrome Web Store.

Sometimes, you may have to scroll horizontally to see an entire message if there is a large image or table. To prevent other users from scrolling horizontally through your messages, you should check a few things before clicking Send.

You may see old emails at the top of your inbox with a suggestion for you to reply to them or look at them again. You can hide those suggestions if you want.

Tired of always answering the same questions by e-mail? Compose the answer once and save the e-mail as a template. You can also include your signature. Afterwards, you can open the template and send it again with just a few clicks.

Delete old gmail emails

A basic one when you can’t locate someone’s e-mail: you know more or less when they sent it to you but you’re not sure what subject it was about (or even the sender, as some of us have the bad habit of having several accounts and sometimes we get confused when writing from one or another).

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Just type has:attachment in the search engine and you will find all the e-mails with attachments. If you also combine it with you will have all those from that sender.

Do you remember that a few weeks ago I told you that we use the CC – with copy and BCC – with blind copy fields very badly? Well, another thing that we do very badly is to use the reply to all. Sometimes (at least it happens to me), we hit Reply and half of the people don’t know the answer. This is when you totally mess up and start to generate parallel worlds (a.k.a alternative answers).

The thing is that there is an option to change the default order of the Gmail buttons and put the Reply to all as the first visible reply option. Simply go to the account settings and look for this option:

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Search gmail emails by date

You are not one of those users who have order in your inbox, manage labels, folders or categorize your email by subject and you need to find a specific email, a type of file or simply want to clear memory in your mail these tips can help you.

You run out of memory and Gmail gives you two options: buy more cloud space or delete emails. If you don’t want to invest in more cloud space, your option is to delete older emails or emails that are no longer useful. The other option is to look for emails with attachments, since they contain documents, photos, videos or audio files, which tend to weigh the most.


During a hectic office day, it can easily happen that e-mails are sent to the wrong recipients, which is especially irritating if the mail contains important information. For these cases, Gmail offers the possibility of recovering sent emails. Here’s how it works and what conditions must be met.

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