Embed video in gmail

How to insert a video in an outlook email

A URL leading to the video media file, which must be in one of the supported encoding formats. It should not be the link to the page where the video is located, but the URL of the video media file itself.

A URL that directs to a player where the video can be viewed. This should not be the link to the page on which the video is located, but the URL of the video player. This is usually the information included in the src element of the <embed> tags.

It is necessary to provide the endDate value when the video has ended and is no longer being streamed live. If there is no estimate of the endDate value before the start of the live broadcast, we recommend that you provide an approximate endDate value.

If endDate is the current date or a date in the past, it indicates that the broadcast has actually already ended and is not being broadcast live. If endDate is a future date, it indicates that the broadcast is scheduled to end at that time.

The time and date when the live broadcast starts or is expected to start, in ISO 8601 format. If startDate is the current date or a date in the past, it indicates that the broadcast has already started. If startDate is a future date, it indicates that the broadcast is scheduled to start at that time.

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Insert video in email body

In fact, most of the standard email managers do not have the possibility to run video, something that will be solved in the future when all of them allow the use of Html5, a language that can display video natively.

This is the most widespread way to simulate video content within an email. To do so, you just have to insert an image with a play icon superimposed on it that induces the user to click on it to play it. Instead of running in the email manager, the video opens on the web page where it is hosted, usually on one of the large video portals such as YouTube or Vimeo.

In this way, you will be able to offer your users the feeling of being able to enjoy content that is usually attractive and that all statistics indicate that it helps, by pure logic, to increase the click-through rate.

If you include the url of a video in an email that is received in any of these webmail services, a preview of the video is displayed, which when clicked allows the video to be played in the same location.

How to insert a video in a gmail message

One of the advantages of sending videos by email, is that you are making sure that your customers view it and process the information, because your video will not get lost among the huge amount of simultaneous ads that exist in those channels.

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Also, keep in mind that video email marketing is not intrusive, because the people who receive it have voluntarily signed up to your database, because they are interested in receiving information about your brand, products and services, being the same recipient who decides whether or not to open your email.

You will make a difference, while increasing your CTR (click-through rate) up to 280%, decreasing your unsubscribe rate, improving your brand image and increasing your conversion rate up to 50%.

Imagine your recipient’s reaction when, after registering on your website, they receive a video presentation of your brand with information about what they can find on your website… isn’t it a good idea?

But now thanks to the development of intelligent technology, there is an online platform easy to use, with which you can embed videos in the body of the email and these will play automatically when the recipient opens the email, leaving behind the use of static images with play symbol, in which the user had to click, and as you know, users are not very pro-active in advertising, and did not do it.

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Embed youtube video gmail

The signature on e-mails is a hallmark of identity, both at a personal and professional level. In the second case, communication with customers via e-mail is part of the daily routine. That is why it is so important to correctly manage the configuration of your corporate signature.

In addition to including your name, position and contact information, there are marketing techniques that go further. While an image generates a great visual attraction, the incorporation of a video in the signature denotes a step further in terms of communication strategy.

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