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One of the most common problems is that the Gmail application on Android does not work directly. Surely many of you have had this happen to you at some point. It is rare that the app crashes, although a few weeks ago was just what happened, but if the app does not work, we can try this:I do not receive mails to the account.

Another problem that many users face when using Gmail on Android is that they do not receive notifications when an email is sent to them. So it is impossible for us to know if you have been sent a new mail, unless you open the application on the phone. If this happens to you, there are certain checks/solutions available:I can’t see or download attachmentsIt is common that when an email is sent to us in Gmail, someone attaches a file, whether it is a photo, document or video. There are times when we find it impossible to view or download this attachment that someone has sent us. When this happens there are certain aspects that we need to review, so that we can view or download the file in question:

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In the case that we receive an attachment in Gmail that has been blocked for download, the service will show us a message indicating that the file is potentially dangerous and the download of the file is disabled. This will prevent us from downloading the attachment in Gmail, however, it may be that despite being potentially dangerous, it comes from one of our trusted contacts and we want to proceed to download it in any case.

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It seems absurd and obvious, but if Gmail considers an email to be dangerous or inappropriate, it will automatically send it to spam. Keep in mind that it is common for all kinds of messages to arrive here and not only those that are really spam. There may be purchase confirmations, invoice notifications… Or even messages that you have previously unintentionally marked as spam to the recipient. That is why you should check this folder regularly. At least once a week or every two weeks. Keep in mind that messages that have been in spam for more than 30 days are automatically deleted, so you may miss something important if you do not check the folder regularly.

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This article discusses some effective solutions to guide you through the available solutions. You must follow them correctly to solve the problems related to Gmail attachments.

The first thing you need to do is to check if the flash plug-in version is outdated. The default attachment uploader uses Flash to upload files. It is possible that the old version of Flash no longer works or is no longer supported by the uploader service. Follow the steps below to check if your Flash plug-in is up to date:

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If you are using an outdated browser, you may experience the Gmail attachment error . To fix this problem, check to see if you have already updated your browser. If not, you should install browser updates to minimize the chance of getting an error when attaching files to Gmail.

Sometimes opening Gmail in a different web browser solves the problem of Gmail attachments not working. You should try this method once to see if it works. Open another web browser, such as Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari, and log in to Gmail. Then try attaching a file to an email.

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The Gmail users among us have probably been in this situation before. You’re clicking on an email address with the intent to send an email or just to share web content, but your browser launches the wrong email client. what a pain!

The easiest way to do this is to click the app on a lead’s email, the browser will automatically launch Gmail with the email address already copied into the Cco field and the email will automatically attach to the leads so you have all the information stored in one place.

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But for this to work, you must first configure Gmail by default in your browser. In this step-by-step guide, we’ll show you how to do this for all major browsers – Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari.

Step 1: Click on Settings and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Click “Advanced Settings” and select the “Content Settings” under the “Privacy” heading.

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