Gmail alias not receiving email

Why don’t I get my gmail emails on my cell phone?

If you just need a new name associated with your account, you can change the name or the profile picture. If you want to connect another e-mail account to your account, you can add other e-mail accounts in allows you to have multiple aliases associated with a single account and you can choose the e-mail address from which you send e-mail. Creating alternate addresses for use on Web sites or applications that require registration can help keep your personal e-mail address away from marketers and hackers.

Create gmail alias

Note: Only one user can use the same email alias.  If you need an email address shared by multiple users, we recommend that you use Gmail delegation. Learn more about how to delegate a user’s email address.

Tip: Try the quick link on the main page. On the main page of the administration console, click Create an alternate email address (email alias), enter the name of the user you want, click Continue and go to step 5 below.

To send mail from an alias, the user must create a custom From address in Gmail. This task is performed by the user and you cannot see it in the administration console. To set up the From address, ask your users to refer to the article Sending mail from other addresses or aliases.

Although only one user can receive mail from the alias, multiple users can send mail from an alias if they set up a custom From address. Depending on the user, they should check or uncheck the Treat it as an alias box in Gmail. If your users want to learn more, ask them to refer to the article Should I uncheck the “Treat as an alias” box in Gmail?

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Send mail from alias gmail

Problems with Sending Emails – SMTP SMTP is the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. It is used for the exchange of email messages between computers and also for other devices (PDA’s, Cell Phones, etc). Here we analyze some causes that can cause problems in sending emails.

SMTP password error when sending emails When trying to send an email a password error occurs. Normally SMTP servers require authentication by their users (servers that do not have this security configuration are used by spammers to send spam through them). Therefore:

Emails are lost – Lost emails We define as “lost email” that which was delivered by the sender’s server but never reached its destination, and in addition to this no response is ever received from the recipient’s server indicating the reason why it could not be delivered. Neither did the sender’s server deliver a message of the type “the mail could not be delivered”. To explain why this happens, there are two main reasons * The destination server has technical failures or connectivity errors. When this happens, error messages are not always returned, but it can happen that emails are simply “lost”. * The email address to which you sent the message does not exist. There may be an error in the alias, in the domain, or in both. Different things happen for each case, but the truth is that there are cases in which no error replies are received. If your email client (Outlook Express, Eudora, etc) cannot connect to the outgoing SMTP server, it is very possible that your ISP (Internet Service Provider) is blocking port 25 which is used by outgoing mail servers. The solution to this is to change the SMTP outgoing server port to 26 or if your ISP allows it, set your ISP’s SMTP outgoing server in your email account settings.

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My corporate email does not receive messages

This secondary account is the one that we will use to give to whoever we want or to put in the registration process of some web, without having to really give the original. All the messages that arrive to our Alias will be managed from the original is the best way to not give to anyone our main account, but to manage it and really use it, thanks to our Alias do we create and use a Gmail Alias?as it is normal the first thing we must do is to generate this Alias, which will serve to protect the original account or simply because you do not want anyone, except the closest ones, to really know your email address.

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From now on when we go to write an email from our main account, we will see as in the part where it puts the email from the one that sends the message (From:) we will have the two options, that is to say, the main email and the secondary one, if we use the secondary one and somebody answers us it will arrive to the main account, reason why we should not change from another one.

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