Delete search history from gmail

Delete google chrome history automatically

Sometimes we can also use it to search for something specific such as another user or a keyword to see the photos and videos that come out about may be that you do not want this history to accumulate, since you do not want to keep certain pages you have visited or simply because you do not like that information accumulates yours or where you’ve been in the app.

As you have been able to see it is very simple to delete Instagram history, either through our smartphone, the way that most people will use, or by the computer, the way that is possibly the most comfortable of the two, although it has fewer possibilities, since you can not delete contact by contact, but you have to delete them all at once.

How to delete google history on my cell phone

You just have to choose the data you want to include (you can uncheck everything and choose one in particular) or check everything, click next step, choose the file type, frequency and destination. It will be sent to your email in a few hours and you will be able to use it for whatever you want or just keep it there. From the same web you will be able to manage your imports easily. You will see the ones you have made recently, if there are any.

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This is possible because VPNs hide our location or IP address, which is present in all the gadgets we use. In essence, VPNs assign us a totally random IP address every time we browse the Internet, making it impossible for sites to track us or store information about us.

There are currently many apps in the app stores that offer VPN services for a monthly subscription. Most of them offer a free trial period. One free option with a pretty good service is Betternet. By downloading any of them and activating the VPN connection you will be able to surf anonymously and securely using your cell phone, without leaving any traces.

Myactivity delete history

It is very common to delete individual activity logs. To do this, simply go to the My Activity page again, locate or search for the particular record, click on the three dots icon to the right of it and then click on “Delete”. If necessary, confirm that you want to delete it.

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Want to start from scratch? Go to My Activity and click on “Delete activity by” on the left. Then, in the drop-down list under “Delete by date”, select “All time”. Click the “Delete” link below, confirm if necessary, and you’ll be in the clear!

How to delete gmail search history on your cell phone

We have to enter the Outlook website and log in with our data. Once we are inside, we have to go to the Settings section, which appears at the top right. Subsequently we enter View all Outlook settings.

As we can see in the image above, different options appear and one of them is Delete history. But we can also export it, if we are interested in having it downloaded. This will allow us to save it and access it at any time.

Of course, another important point to keep in mind is to use only official programs. We must at all times install secure applications from reliable sites, whether it is Gmail, Outlook or any other e-mail service that we are using on our devices.

  Gmail icons on iphone

We must also take into account the importance of installing a good antivirus. For example, we are talking about Windows Defender, Avast, Bitdefender or any other option we have. This will also protect the programs that we have installed, as it would be the own to start the mail.

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