Printing an email in gmail

How to print gmail mail

The first step when we are in our email with the email we want to print in front is to click on the print icon, this both in the Gmail standard HTML version and for faster Internet speed is located at the top right of the window where the message we want to print appears. see image below ….

When you click on the icon presented above a popup window opens with the content of the message, this content is on a page ready to print, no Adsense ads or information such as names of other contacts will appear.

The page will be independent of any other information of our email, only information related to the message we want to print as sender, time that we have received the message and the entire contents of the message.

The window as when we want to print using Chrome will give us a preview of the printout, the following image is for you to have a visualization of how the printed document will look like.

How to print my email

This section describes how to specify the options for receiving and printing e-mails on the computer. Use a computer to specify the options for receiving e-mails and the computer’s control panel to specify the options for printing e-mails.

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When you start receiving e-mail, all e-mails stored on the mail server are printed. If you send e-mails that you want to print on the computer first, you can either print them automatically at regular time intervals or print all e-mails stored at an arbitrary time.

We recommend using the e-mail address exclusively for E-mail Printing, because all e-mails received on the computer are deleted from the mail server.

If e-mails are sent to the computer via SMTP, the computer will print them immediately after receiving them. Enable this function if you want to forward fax documents from Canon multifunction printers to this machine, and then print them on the machine (To forward fax documents from Canon multifunction printers).

How to print a gmail email in pdf

Gmail is very simple with browser-dependent printing features. A desktop email client, such as Microsoft Outlook 365 and 2022, offers both manual ways to print emails and automated workflows using Outlook rules. But before we implement a desktop application like Outlook, let’s take a look at the web version of Gmail.How to print emails from GmailPrinting a single Gmail message is easy. Open Gmail and navigate to the email you want to print.Print the entire Gmail conversationIn the Gmail thread view, you can view a chain of 100 emails in a single long thread. To print them all, access the top right corner again and click the printer icon, which now says Print All.You can also print an email by following the chronological order and opening this conversation. Then follow the above steps to print the email.What about printing emails in confidential mode? The short answer is that this is not possible. If the sender has enabled this privacy setting, you will not be able to forward, copy, print or download the email.

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Print multiple gmail emails

First of all, in order to print an email from the Gmail app, we must make sure that the printer and the mobile device are connected to the same wifi network. If not, you can follow the instructions in our post “How to connect the printer to the Wifi”, where we explain the steps to follow in a simple way.

The Mozilla Thunderbird email service is another favorite, both for private and professional use. This manager allows you to work with different email accounts, whatever their extension, gmail, outlook, hotmail, yahoo, office 365, or belonging to your own domain. Thanks to its open code, it is a simple and multiplatform solution to access all our accounts from the same interface.

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As for its management, it may be somewhat more complex than those mentioned above, so when we start using it we need some time to familiarize ourselves with its structure and organization. But little more. Once you get used to it, you will see that it is a great help to organize and centralize all your emails.

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