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Gmail is, without a doubt, the email service most used by the majority of users today. Since its beginnings it has been offered as the mail in which you do not have to delete anything, and it is so. But when we have been using it for some time and several hundred pages of emails accumulate, it is difficult to find the one that was sent to us several months ago, even if we have been careful and organized in the assignment of labels.

The titles of emails are what we remember most easily and it is likely that one of these words is the key to locating it. With the command “Subjet:” followed by the word in question, all those that have it in their title will appear.

Whether what we want to find is a message sent to a specific contact or received from someone, we will only have to enter “From:” or “To:” followed by the email address of the person or company in question so that all of them will be listed.

It is probable that we do not remember the name of that attachment or the person who sent it to us, but it did take up a lot of space. Indicating “larger:” with the number that we create, for example 1000k for kilobytes or 1000M for megabytes, to filter the mails by this factor.

How do I search for emails in Gmail?

On the computer, go to Gmail. In the search box at the top, enter what you want to find. Press Enter. A list of emails will be displayed.

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How can I view more than 100 emails in Gmail?

Display the third option ‘Maximum page size’. 5. Once there you can select to display 10, 15, 20, 25, 50 and 100 conversations or emails per page. 6.

How to search for old messages in Gmail?

In the search bar, type the command older_than:6m or older_than:12m. In this command, the number indicates the months of the age of the emails that will appear. For example, with older_than:12m you will see emails older than 12 months, so they will be those that are more than a year old.

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You are not one of those users who have order in your inbox, manage labels, folders or categorize your email by subject and you need to find a specific email, a type of file or simply want to clear memory in your mail these tips can help you.

You run out of memory and Gmail gives you two options: buy more cloud space or delete emails. If you don’t want to invest in more cloud space, your option is to delete older emails or emails that are no longer useful. The other option is to look for emails with attachments, since they contain documents, photos, videos or audio files, which tend to weigh the most.

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In:inbox older_than

Yes, Gmail Labs has an experimental version of a new unsend feature that allows you to retrieve a message a few seconds after it has been sent. To enable the feature, click the Labs icon (green flask) in the upper right corner of the Gmail window. Then, under Unsend, click Enable.

Click on Spell Check at the top of the message you are composing. Words with misspellings are highlighted in yellow. Click on a misspelled word to see the possible correct options.

Yes, you can apply as many tags as you want to a message. To do this, select the message in your inbox (or open it) and choose one or more labels from the Labels drop-down list at the top of the Gmail window.

If someone replies to a message you have archived or deleted, the message reappears in your inbox as a conversation along with the message you archived or deleted. If the message has already been permanently deleted from the Trash, you will see an option at the bottom of the message that allows you to view the messages that have been deleted from the conversation.

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Read these instructions. Labs are timed and cannot be paused. The timer, which starts running when you click Start lab, indicates how long the lab resources will be available to you.

This hands-on Qwiklabs lab will allow you to perform the corresponding activities in a real cloud environment, not a simulation or demonstration one. To this end, you are provided with new temporary credentials that you will use to access AppSheet throughout the lab.

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Other email programs use folders to store emails. Gmail uses labels to categorize emails. You can apply multiple labels to an email. Then, to search for it, you click on any of these in the left pane.

Now you can use the various features of Gmail. You can manage how your emails look, how they are organized, and use additional Workspace tools while in Gmail.

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