Archived emails in gmail

Gmail archived folder

The archive option in Gmail allows you to temporarily silence emails by removing them from your inbox. However, archived emails do not have a place where they are packed and stored.

Archiving emails removes them from your inbox and sends them to another archive folder. This does not change the category of the email or the main label. Unless you delete the email, it will always be available in your All Emails. However, you can view and access them from the All Emails page.

Annotation: The emails in the archive are not marked with a special icon. Therefore, finding these emails when you need them can be a bit tricky. This should help you remember which emails you archive when they are important.

You cannot create labels with the Android Gmail app. However, this is possible if you are using the web version of Gmail with the desktop view option in your browser. You can follow the same steps as for desktop browsers.

How to view archived emails in Gmail 2022?

Use the search bar displayed above your email to start a search; it will show you all archived emails. You can also access all your available emails, including archived content, in the All emails option.

How to unarchive an email from Gmail?

There are two ways to unarchive an email in Gmail.

On the one hand, you can click and hold on the email to unarchive from the list of emails that appears in “All messages”. After selecting it, a series of options will be displayed at the top of the screen.

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How to access gmail archived mails

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View archived emails in gmail

Once you’re done with an email in Gmail, it’s normal to hit the archive button and forget about it. But there may come a time in the future when you need to retrieve that archived email. It hasn’t fallen into a big black hole, so it’s very easy to retrieve it. We’ll show you how to find archived emails in Gmail.

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On your desktop, go to Gmail and look at the column on the left that contains the names of your email folders. One of the folders is called All Mail , which contains all the emails you have sent or received (assuming you haven’t deleted them!). These are your archived emails.

On your Android or iPhone, it’s pretty much the same process. In addition to searching by keyword, you can also find the All Mails folder by tapping the three horizontal lines at the top left of the screen. This will open your list of email folders, where you can easily find All Mail .

How to view archived emails in gmail iphone

When an email is archived, it is deleted from the inbox. However, archived emails are still available for viewing. The location of archived emails depends on the email service provider you use. For example, in Outlook, you can find archived emails in the “Archived” folder. In Gmail, you will need to select “All Mail” to view archived emails.

Archived emails will still use storage space. Depending on the amount of storage space provided by your email service provider, you may consider downloading your emails to your local machine or a portable drive, or even sending them to a new account, and then deleting the emails.

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While archived emails are stored in their respective folder indefinitely, deleted emails are stored in the email trash for a short period of time. The length of time email is stored depends on your service provider, but most popular providers keep emails in the trash for 30 days. Once the 30 days have elapsed, the emails are (in most cases) permanently deleted.

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