Can t attach photos to gmail

Gmail won’t let me attach virus files

You can also insert them, with the same effect, from the buttons in the email itself. Follow the steps above (open Gmail, compose a new message…) and go to the bottom of the email window, where you will find a series of icons. Here you will see a picture icon. Tap on it.

Select the image you want from your photos, albums or indicate the url of the image to insert or select it from your hard disk. With the image inside the body of the message, the next thing we have to do is click on it to select it and then click on the Insert link icon shown at the bottom of the window next to the Send button. We can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+K.

In this case, what we are interested in is the Web address option, so we check or make sure that this option is checked and type the url in the text box that is displayed right next to it. From there, we have the possibility to test the inserted link to make sure that it goes to the site we want correctly. Thus, by sending the picture we will make that person go to a certain website when he/she accesses it. We only have to send the email and those who receive it will be able to click on the image and go to the site we have entered.

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Do you want to email your summer photos? Or your wedding photos? Whatever you want to attach to your Gmail email, you’ll be able to send it to your

I cannot attach files in gmail from my pc

When you attach a file, if the recipients do not have access to the document, the Gmail application will notify you and you will be able to grant read or edit access with a single click before you send the message.

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NOTE: In order to prevent possible virus attacks, Gmail does not allow you to send or receive executable files (files with the .exe extension, for example). See the article “Troubleshooting Attachments”.

How to attach a file in gmail

We refer to the possibility of attaching or sharing files that we have stored on the mobile and that can not be easily attached to any other third-party app to share them. And that was the case with Gmail, until it was recently updated and already allowed Apple’s cloud (iCloud) to be among its potential sources for attaching documents, images, etc.

Everything that comes out of there is not contemplated so, a priori, it might seem to you that it is impossible to share. But no, there is another way that is what they have included in the update 6.0.200412 that you have in the App Store and that will allow you to bring to an email any file you have in iCloud, or on your smartphone. And the way is very simple.

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