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Cross-origin requests (those that are sent to another domain – even a subdomain, protocol or port) require special headers from the remote site.

This simple but powerful rule was a foundational part of Internet security. For example, a malicious script from the site could not access the mailbox on the site. People could feel safe.

Using formsOne way to communicate with other servers is and was using a <form>. People used it to send the result to an <iframe>, and thus stay in the same place, in this way:

So, in this way it was possible to make GET/POST requests towards another site, even without network methods, since forms can send messages to any site. But since it is not possible to access the content of a <iframe> from another site, this prevents it from being possible to read the response.

To be precise, there were actually tricks for that, they required special scripts in both the iframe and the page. So communication with the iframe was technically possible. But there is no need to go into details anymore, let the dinosaurs rest in peace.

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➤ Send emails from a different email address previously set up as an alias in Gmail™.➤ Specify a different reply recipient so you don’t miss any replies.

Some, such as Mailmeteor, are not as integrated as Mergo with Gmail™. They cannot use Gmail™ drafts, cannot track replies, and cannot follow up on the same email threads.

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The header of an eMail allows you to track the transmission history of an eMail. In it you can find information such as sender, recipient, date, subject and even the servers involved in the communication from sender to recipient, but most mail managers do not display the header. Therefore, here are the steps to follow to view the header in different mail managers as well as in different webmail services.How to view the header in the following programs:How to view the header in the following webmail managers:


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An email consists of the header and the message content (body).The header allows you to track the transmission history of an email. From the header you can get the following information:However, in the standard configuration, most mail programs do not display the headers or only in excerpts. The following examples show how you can view the full header in various e-mail programs and Webmail services.

NoteIf your e-mail could not be sent and came back to you with an error message, you can refer to our articles on possible causes of problems with receiving or sending e-mails and how to solve them.

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