How to attach an email in gmail

How to attach an email to another email

The above method is fine, but what if you are already in the middle of an email and suddenly remember that you need to attach another email? You can then drag and drop these emails into place.

Unfortunately, Gmail does not currently support opening EML files natively. When you click on an EML file, it will open in a default email application installed on your computer, such as Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird or macOS Mail. One solution is to download the EML file into one of the above mentioned email applications and connect your Gmail account via IMAP to synchronize emails.

How to attach an email to another gmail address

1. How to attach an email to another email in GmailThe first possibility we have and the easiest, is to do it directly from the options offered by Gmail. For it what we can do is to select it as attachment or to move it directly to our new mail so that it is loaded. To do this we must do the following.

If we want to attach an email from Gmail to another email, what we must do is the following. First you have to right click on the email you want to attach. You will see that different options are displayed. In this case we must select “Forward as attachment”. You will see that a new message opens, and this email is loaded as an attachment.

  Attaching an email in gmail

2. How to forward an email in GmailThis option applies when an email must be sent, either in the inbox or in some other folder, to a specific recipient. This option gives us the opportunity to forward a specific email by just clicking on an option.  Step 1To do this we have two options:

How to send an email to another outlook email

Reply to an attached emailYou already know how to attach an email in Gmail. Replying to an attached message is just as easy. To do this, double click on the attachment to open the message. A new window will open in which the usual Gmail email features are available to you.Speaking of usual features: In different guides we explain in detail how to set up Gmail’s auto-reply feature and read confirmation, as well as how Gmail archived emails work and how to delete a Gmail account.Similar articles

  Marking all emails as read gmail

During a hectic office day, it can easily happen that emails are sent to the wrong recipients, which is especially irritating if the mail contains important information. For these cases, Gmail offers the possibility to recover sent emails. Here we explain how it works and what conditions must be met.

Newsletters, system e-mails, invoices and other messages, and so on. All of them create a veritable flood of emails in your inbox. Organize them through Gmail rules and define with a few clicks how the different messages should be handled. We explain step by step how to create Gmail filters and then edit or delete them.

How to attach an email in another outlook

As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words”, the same goes for email. Instead of simply writing a clear message, your email can provide more information to the recipient if you add photos or videos.

Read: SIM cards, a kind of ‘DNI’ for our mobilesUnlike Android, where the Gmail app comes preinstalled, you must first download the app from the App Store. Once downloaded, open it and follow the steps above on Android.

Attaching files to Outlook emails varies slightly depending on whether you are using the web or desktop version of the Outlook app. Below is more information on both.

  Retract email from gmail

Apple offers the Mail app similar to the Gmail app on Android. You can use it to attach files such as videos, photos, audio and others to emails. How to attach files in the Mail app on your iPhone.

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