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Do you receive too many junk mails? Do all these mails arrive in your inbox and never allow you to empty it? Unwanted emails or spam have always existed. They are mails with advertisements or uninteresting messages. It is treated as spam when a sender floods your inbox with several emails a week or a day. Generally, mail managers apply very severe filters that filter out a large part of spam, based on the reputation of the domain that sends the emails.

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It can be very annoying to have to delete all these emails, they can even make other more important emails not visible in your device’s notifications. Nobody wants to receive spam in their mailbox, but the permissions of certain services or websites can play a bad trick on you.

Have you decided to get rid of all the spam in your email? Today we tell you how to do it in a simple way from the Gmail application. If you use email from a web browser we also tell you how to do it. In both cases it takes just a matter of seconds.

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Using multiple addresses in the From email header is not recommended. If you use multiple addresses, you increase the chance that your mail will be placed in a spam folder or discarded (due to DMARC alignment rules). The performance of your emails is reduced because all addresses have to be authorized as approved senders. It is recommended that the source address of the SMTP envelope matches the header of the source address when sending mail to Email Delivery. Using mismatched addresses reduces email performance because both addresses must be authorized as approved senders. Some future features of the platform will not be available if you use mismatched addresses.

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Approved senders should not be created in the root share. If approved senders exist in the root compartment, you must create a policy to manage approved senders across the lease. Creating approved senders in a non-root bucket allows the policy to be specific to that bucket.

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Avoid posting your email address on social networking sites, large Internet directories, or job posting sites. Do not post it even on your own website, unless you disguise it as described in “Hiding your e-mail address” below.

When subscribing to Web services such as banking, shopping, or newsletters, read the privacy policy carefully before disclosing your e-mail address so that you do not unwittingly agree to share sensitive information.

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The privacy policy should state the terms and circumstances under which the site may share your information. If a Web site does not post a privacy statement, consider other options.

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