How to block a contact on gmail

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A few days ago we showed you the possibility to create or delete contacts from your Gmail account. This feature allowed you to quickly identify emails received from contacts saved in your address book. However, it may happen that you suddenly start receiving heavy emails or simple Spam from a certain email address or from one of your contacts. In this case you can always block a contact so that their emails are sent directly to the Spam folder.

At this point many people will think that it is necessary to differentiate between contacts or emails sent from unknown addresses. Nobody wants one of their contacts to find out that you have blocked them. Well, the truth is that when we block a Gmail contact, he/she will NOT know that you have blocked him/her. In addition, blocking users in Gmail is fully reversible, meaning that if you decide to receive emails from a specific user or email address you can do it again.

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Although Gmail has quite effective filters that prevent us from receiving certain emails as spam, that does not mean that some do not escape or we want to stop receiving emails from certain senders. In this article we will explain how to filter and block spam in Gmail.

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Just as we can receive unwanted phone calls from commercials of all kinds, our Gmail inboxes receive unwanted messages or spam, which, apart from being annoying, can also involve some risks, especially when it comes to phishing attempts or any other type of scam, carried out through the impersonation of a legitimate company by a hacker who wants to get hold of our personal or banking data.

Spam or unwanted messages usually arrive in our inbox either from known addresses (old work groups, from a company we no longer work for, from a subscription list we no longer pay attention to, etc.) or from unknown addresses (it is with these that we must be more careful, because in many cases they are scam attempts).

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One of the most powerful tools included in Gmail, and that many do not use, are the filters. With them, it is possible to set a large number of actions that are executed automatically. And this is very useful. We tell you how to use one so that messages from a contact that do not interest you go directly to the Spam folder.

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This is the easiest way to achieve this, since you simply have to use as a referrer a message you already have in the inbox to send it to the Spam folder (obviously, you can delete it in case you need it). You have to do the following:

As it is clear this serves you for an individual and punctual element. And, perhaps, you need something more powerful to get rid of a contact’s messages forever and never see them again. In this case, the steps to follow are these:

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If you are in the Messages app, open the conversation, tap the contact at the top of the conversation, and then tap the info button . Tap the info button , scroll down and tap Block this contact.

You can report iMessage messages that look like spam or junk mail from the Messages app. If you receive an iMessage message from someone who is not saved in Contacts, you will see the Report as unwanted link below the message.

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