Attach email in gmail

Attach email to another gmail email

When sending an email we have several options, among which is to send it to several people or put in copy, among the most common. In addition to this, we now have a new method included directly in Gmail, with which we will be able to send one or more emails just by dragging them.

To start using it we just have to access our Gmail email account from the computer, for now it is not available on smartphones or tablets, although it is expected that somehow it will end up being implemented as well.

First, we choose the emails we want to send to someone, for now we do not know that a maximum set. Once we have marked them with a tick, we click on the top button on the left side to create a new email and compose our message to the recipient.

After this we will only have to take one of the emails we had previously marked and drag it comfortably to the body of the message, which will turn it into an attachment.

How to attach an email in gmail from my cell phone

It’s easy to attach pictures, files, contacts, mail messages and many other items to Outlook messages. Outlook keeps track of documents you’ve recently worked with, regardless of whether they’re stored on your computer or saved to OneDrive (cloud only). And regardless of where they are stored, Outlook lets you quickly choose whether you want to send the document as a traditional attachment or upload it to OneDrive and share a link to the file. You can also set permissions on any file sent from OneDrive that allow message recipients to view and edit them, or share them with other users.

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Outlook keeps track of files you have recently worked on and suggests them whenever you decide you want to attach a file to an email message. Some file types are blocked for sending or receiving. See Blocked attachments in Outlook for a complete list.

How to send an email to another gmail email

Reply to an email attachmentYou already know how to attach an email in Gmail. Replying to an attached message is just as easy. To do this, double click on the attachment to open the message. A new window will open in which the usual Gmail email features are available to you.Speaking of usual features: In different guides we explain in detail how to set up Gmail’s auto-reply feature and read confirmation, as well as how Gmail archived emails work and how to delete a Gmail account.Similar articles

During a hectic office day, it can easily happen that emails are sent to the wrong recipients, which is especially irritating if the mail contains important information. For these cases, Gmail offers the possibility to recover sent emails. Here we explain how it works and what conditions must be met.

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Newsletters, system e-mails, invoices and other messages, and so on. All of them create a veritable flood of emails in your inbox. Organize them through Gmail rules and define with a few clicks how the different messages should be handled. We explain step by step how to create Gmail filters and then edit or delete them.

How to send an email to another email from the cell phone

Although there are different cloud storage solutions with which we can do this, one of the most recommended is WeTransfer. Access the service and select the Free option, that is, the free one. Once we access the service, on the left side we will have the option to upload a file and, in the same box, the service will allow us to write a text message. We can put whatever we want, and this will be exactly the content of our e-mail message to the other person, together with the attached file.

If we click on the left side button, circular and with two dots in horizontal orientation, we will be able to display the rest of the options. The service will ask us if we want to send it as an email message, or if we want to send it as a link.  If we select this option, when we click on send directly, an e-mail message will be sent to the person we select, to the e-mail address entered.  With this second option, a download link will be generated that we can attach anywhere, including our email message in Gmail.

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