How to see archived emails gmail

Where to view archived emails

Let’s start with the basics, which many of you probably already know. How can you archive an email? Simply, we will have to select one or more emails by clicking on the check mark on the left side of the emails in question and then click on the archive icon.

On mobile devices it works quite similarly. We press and hold an email, then we select all the emails we want to archive and click on the icon that appears at the top.

In this way, all the emails we archive will disappear from the main inbox, even those in certain categories. Although we must clarify, they will not disappear from their respective categories. However, we can find them at any time.

As mentioned above, archived emails disappear at a glance, i.e. in the inbox. An alternative to find these emails is to switch to the All Mail folder view.

How to view archived emails in gmail iphone

1. How to archive an email in Gmail PCArchiving emails from the inbox can help us to have a cleaner view of the inbox. To archive several or all the e-mails of the same one we will have to do the following thing

It is simpler than you think and it will not be necessary to go selecting one by one making you lose a lot of time. To archive all the emails in the inbox you will have to tap on the icon in the top bar of the box and a window will pop up where you will have to select “All”.

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2. How to unarchive mail in Gmail PCEThese emails will not be deleted, just archived and it will be possible to retrieve them when you need them. To find out how to view archived emails in Gmail you will need to follow these steps:  Step 1Go to Gmail and in the left column you will see the “More” option. Click on it and several options will be displayed. Now click on “All” to access all emails.

3. How to archive mail in Gmail Android or iPhoneWe often check and manage our mail through our cell phones due to the large amount of time we spend away from home throughout the day. The Gmail mobile app also allows you to archive mails if you do the following:  Step 1Log in to the Gmail application on your mobile device.

How to unarchive an email in gmail

The amount of emails that are sent and received every day in the business environment is uncountable, but not often thought about their preservation. And yet, companies are required by law to retain their electronic communication, especially if it contains sensitive information. Archiving all emails is not an option, as the law prescribes what kind of emails and for how long they should be…

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You can archive Outlook emails and all old appointments and tasks automatically after a predefined period of time, but you can adjust the auto-archiving options if necessary. Outlook also offers the possibility to manually archive selected folders. Here’s how to do it.

Maintaining multiple e-mail accounts is time-consuming and impractical. Did you know that you can forward e-mails to Gmail so that they arrive in your main account? We tell you how to activate automatic forwarding in Gmail and how you can take advantage of this handy feature to merge your regular email account and your Gmail account.

What is archiving in gmail for?

An excellent way to sort and “clean” the main folder is to archive emails. The other side of the coin is knowing how to retrieve them or bring them back to your inbox. In this quick guide we tell you how to find archived emails in your Gmail account quickly and safely.

You can also change your mind about archiving emails and about using the Gmail mobile apps for iOS and Android to make these modifications when you’re away from home or office.

You may have heard about the ability to mute rather than archive an email. Both features will remove messages from your inbox to keep things tidy, but archived emails will return to your inbox if they get replied to.

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If you want to activate an email conversation, follow the steps above, but select the Activate option in step 4. You will need to select Move to Inbox if you want the email to return to your inbox. Selecting Activate will activate the email, but leave it in All Mail.

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