How many gmail accounts can you have

You can have several gmail accounts

We have already shown many times that Gmail has the best web application in the email client landscape, even better than many native clients. But its tricks and abilities go far beyond what we can do that web: its very mail address hides secrets.

We all know what these addresses are like: We send it to our contacts so that they send us emails and that’s it. But what if I told you that we can filter senders or even create alternative email addresses without having to register new accounts?

We can take advantage, for example, that Gmail servers ignore the dots in the email addresses. So, and are the same email address, and any mail we send to those addresses will be received by the same inbox. So no, there is no need to play with dots when creating a new Gmail email address as none of the combinations you try will be available.

How to create multiple gmail accounts at the same time

Gmail is a free web-based email service that provides users with a gigabyte of storage for messages and offers the ability to search for specific messages. Gmail also automatically organizes related messages in succession in a thread.

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But there is one more thing you can buy: GSuite and provides options that will give you the opportunity to customize your Gmail address and other features that can help you make your email more powerful and secure.

Create gmail account

And we talk about aliases because these variations of your Gmail account are not accounts as such, although they can serve you in a similar way, since you will receive all the mails in your usual account ( Let me explain. These Gmail accounts will not be used to send mail; in fact, you cannot log in with them. It’s much simpler than that. What you can do is to use those addresses to register in different platforms or when giving your email to someone.

I can think, for example, to create different profiles in social networks and coordinate all the mail from the same account. You can also have multiple accounts on platforms like Dropbox, which offer a limited amount of free storage, so you can increase your space in the cloud without having to create a new Gmail account, simply sign up again on Dropbox using a different alias (for example, and the confirmation email will arrive in your regular email. The best thing is that you will have two (or more) accounts with their corresponding free storage.Easy, right?

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How many gmail accounts can I have with the same number?

Sometimes we may need to register on a platform more than once and for each registration we are asked for a different email. The fact of having to create several email accounts can be a problem in terms of time. It may also happen that we simply want to have more than one account to give to our contacts.

It should be mentioned first of all that not all websites where we try to register will interpret that address as a new one. That is to say, in some cases they will interpret the dot also as a ghost symbol and will not take it into account. This is what Gmail does to avoid confusion when sending an e-mail to a different recipient. Let’s say for example that we have an account called That is the real address of the account. From it we will be able to generate a lot of addresses more, simply playing with the points. We will be able to create, for example,,,… Thus up to infinity of different options.

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