How to create a group email in gmail

How to make mail groups

We live in an era in which we are constantly connected to the Internet. There are many applications that we have to send messages instantly, for example. We can do it both individually and in groups. One example is WhatsApp groups. Sometimes they serve as a means of dissemination to contact a group of people interested in a topic. A faster and simpler way to go one by one warning of something.

This is what we are going to explain how to do it in Gmail. Let’s see how to create a group of contacts and thus send e-mails in a simpler and faster way. Let’s take as an example that we are in a work group, sports club or a group of students, for example. We have to send something so that it reaches everyone and we can be in contact. We can put each e-mail one by one, but we always run the risk of forgetting one. Besides this is more tedious and time consuming. You can visit our tutorial to find out if the Internet is slow.

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How to send an email to a group of contacts in gmail

Before starting, it is important to be clear about two issues. The first is that it is not necessary to use any additional application to perform the steps we are going to discuss. And, the second issue is that you can be very calm because none of the contacts that will be used will be lost, so there is no risk in the process.

The Boomerang extension basically allows you to schedule emails (or send them back) at a later date, that is, we can write a message right now and send it when we want.

List of gmail contacts

With a little effort, you can make Gmail behave like a powerful email client where creating both email groups and distribution lists are a feature.

– Select the group from the Labels section on the left side of the window. This will bring up the list with the members of that group. Here you will need to select the member you wish to remove from the group.

Once you have created an email group for Gmail it can be used as a distribution list for any content. To make use of this feature you will need to do the following:

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How to modify a group of contacts in gmail

This allows you to plan specific actions – such as sharing documents, sending something, giving permissions, inviting to events, etc. – only once for the whole group instead of always doing it individually.

If you share Drive folders or documents with individual people, you will find it difficult to remove these accesses when you no longer need them to have access, due to, for example, them leaving or changing responsibilities.

Sometimes it is impossible to delete them all individually when you share tons of documents with one person. You no longer remember what has been shared with whom, and this is unsafe in the long run.

When someone leaves the organization or moves to another department, or for some other reason no longer needs the access, you will just have to remove this person from the group(s) they belong to in order to suspend their related access.

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When you click on the Drive plug-in icon, the avatars of all collaborators for that document will appear in the right pane. Clicking on the avatar will display all members of the group, along with their contact information.

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