Gmail not synching on android

How to synchronize gmail email

One of the most common failures, if not the most, is that the automatic synchronization option has been disabled, this is responsible for instantly receiving emails on your Android phone. In the case that the function is not active, the emails will not arrive automatically, so to receive it you will have to enter Gmail and update manually, to see if you have received anything. To check and make sure this does not happen to you, you should follow these steps:

It may seem absurd, but many people never update their apps on Android. This causes different failures to occur, among them in Gmail synchronization. If the app is giving problems, it is a good idea to check if there is an update available, as it may solve the problem.

Why doesn’t Gmail work on my cell phone?

Make sure the device is connected to the Internet. Close the app and reopen it. Force stop the app. Open the phone’s Settings app, then press Apps or Application Manager.

Why can’t I synchronize my gmail account?

First: check that automatic synchronization is enabled. One of the most common faults, if not the most common, is that the automatic synchronization option has been disabled, which is responsible for instantly receiving emails on your Android phone.

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The first step we recommend you to take if you have problems with Gmail is to check the connections on your device. Do you have Wifi? Do you have enough coverage? Have you activated the airplane mode? The best way to solve these questions is to go to the notifications curtain and check what connectivity is enabled on the terminal.

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Another permission that needs to be granted to Gmail for it to work is network access. Without it, the application will not be able to synchronize mail, even if you have an Internet connection. Go to the App info section and click on Mobile data & Wi-Fi.

By implementing the methods mentioned in this article, it is more than likely that your synchronization problems have been solved. But if it hasn’t, we advise you to restart your phone.

How to synchronize gmail on your cell phone

In general, there are two situations that we can face when an Android app stops working as it should. The first failure or headache we will suffer when the app is not even able to open or run. The second is when the app seems to work, but there is something in particular that is not working properly. In the case of Gmail, the most common in this case, is the inability to synchronize new emails or receive messages.

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When you have more than 30 days of unread emails and automatic downloading enabled for attachments in Gmail, you often end up with a large amount of cache in the application. In general, the cache helps you navigate the app faster, but sometimes it can also cause errors.

If Gmail misbehaves on Android, you can force the app to stop and reopen it. This will accomplish the same thing we could do when we restart the smartphone without having to wait for the phone to shut down and restart. Again, you will need to access the app’s configuration options from your smartphone.

Why can’t I see my emails in gmail on my cell phone?

It may be the case that the automatic synchronization does not work, so we can force the application to synchronize, so that the emails will be displayed normally. It works like the automatic synchronization, only that we are the ones who have to do it, following these steps:

If too much cache accumulates in the application on Android it is possible that it gets corrupted and so failures can occur, it is something that happens with many applications in the operating system. In this case the consequence is that we do not receive the emails sent to us automatically, as it should happen. In this situation, we can always resort to delete the cache, so that we will receive those emails again normally. The steps to follow are:

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It is possible that the problem is not that Gmail has stopped synchronizing, but that you have made the application unable to issue notifications on the phone, so that when you get a new email you do not know, because there is no notification. That’s why it’s good to check if you have disabled, blocked or muted the app notifications. You can check it this way:

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