Set up gmail account on iphone 6

Create gmail account on iphone

If you have chosen your own domain, you can choose to access your email via POP or IMAP. If you are using the same address on another terminal, such as your personal computer, we recommend choosing the IMAP option. Please note that if you select POP, you will download your emails to the iPhone.

Hi, I have an iphone 4s and an ipad, in both I have synchronized mail, but I can not view the emails I have in the different folders I have created, do not appear the emails I have in each of them, they appear empty, I hope for your help.

I can not access the mail, if I enter the mails and puts me how many I have unread but when I try to access them directs me to the screen and goes blank for a few seconds and returns me to the main screen I have an IPhone 4s with IOS 8.3 What do I do?

I can not access the mail, if I enter the mails and puts me how many I have unread but when I try to access them directs me to the main screen where all servers are (as if I were to add another account). I have an IPhone 4s with IOS 7 What do I do?

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Configure gmail on iphone 13

To set up an email account on an iOS device you can do it in two ways: one automatic and one manual. We explain both of them so that you can see which one best suits your needs.

If you can’t do it the previous way or you prefer to do it manually, you have to make sure you know the email settings of your account. Follow the steps below:

If you have entered your email settings correctly, you must click on “Save” to finish. If the data you have entered is not correct, you will have to change it and enter it correctly.

In short, Gmail is the most popular email and you can install it on your mobile devices in a very simple way so as not to miss any important communication. What are you waiting for to set up your Gmail account? If you have any questions, leave us a comment!

How to configure gmail on iphone 11

In short, the fact of using the official Gmail application for iPhone will allow us to enjoy the possibility of notifications every time we receive an email, however, although the Mail application allows us to configure all the Gmail email accounts we want, this does not have automatic notifications and we can configure the device to perform checks periodically although this could affect the battery life.

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My name is Mailén Bravo, I am an enthusiast of technology, cell phones and the Apple universe. I love iPhone games and making the most of my iPad for all kinds of tasks, from photography to office automation.

Configure gmail on iphone 7

Note: If you have a business account that requires the Intune Enterprise Portal app, install it from the App Store before setting up Outlook for iOS. Your IT administrator may or may not also ask you to enroll your iOS device in Intune.

Once you begin the enrollment process, you must complete the process in its entirety as pausing for more than a few minutes usually slows progress and you will need to start over. If this process fails, you must return to the Enterprise Portal application and try again.

If you want to set up an IMAP or POP email account or do not have an email account with Exchange ActiveSync, use these instructions. When setting up an email account using IMAP or POP, only your email will be synchronized, not your calendar or contacts. What are IMAP and POP?

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Let’s take it one step at a time. If you are using an email account (such as,, or others), check the server status here. Now choose one of the following options:

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