How to set up a group email in gmail

My groups

Enter the e-mail address of the group. If more than one domain is listed, select the one you are interested in. E-mail addresses can be up to 63 characters long. This limit does not include the domain of the address, for example,

If you create your group with a work or school account, your email address may include a suffix, such as “-personal”. For example, if your group name is training, the actual e-mail address would be training-personal@your_domain.

Enter the purpose of the group or what the group is for. This information appears on the Group Information page. You can include, for example, information about group members, group content, frequently asked questions, links to related groups, etc.

Group owners can set any permissions for the owner only, thus limiting what administrators can do. However, administrators can always adjust permissions to include administrators.

How to create an email group in gmail

Do you regularly send notifications to fixed groups of recipients? Simplify your email communication by creating distribution lists. In both its online and desktop versions, Microsoft Outlook offers the option of creating contact groups and mailing lists. In this illustrated guide we show you how to do it.

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During a hectic office day, it can easily happen that e-mails are sent to the wrong recipients, which is especially irritating if the mail contains important information. For these cases, Gmail offers the possibility to retrieve sent emails. Here’s how it works and what conditions must be met.

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How to create a group in gmail to send mass mailings 2020?

Note: Gmail’s Smart Reply feature can suggest replies based on the email you have received. To save time, you can select one and edit it, or send it directly.

Note: Before creating a Groups mailing list, check that it is not already in Groups. If you cannot access Groups, contact your administrator. If the Groups service is not enabled in your organization, create contact groups.

To be able to quickly contact the same group of people by e-mail, you can create and save a contact group. This way, the next time you want to send an e-mail to those users, you will only have to enter the group name as the e-mail recipient.

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Google groups

If you find yourself emailing the same groups of people over and over again, you can stop typing their entire email address. Instead, make a group contact so that all email addresses can be grouped together and emailed with ease.

Once you have created the email group, instead of typing a single email address when writing the email, start typing the group name. Gmail will suggest the group; click on it to automatically populate the To field with all the email addresses in the group.

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