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We live in a world of constant communication where we can effortlessly connect with any other human being on the planet in less than a second. This technology has been around for decades, but has slowly become more and more refined as it advances.

However, it’s all well and good to write and send your email to the world, whether for business or personal reasons, but how do you know that your messages have been received? Today we’re going to explore the world of Email Tracking.

In your personal life, you might be emailing friends and family, organizing events in your life, checking and catching up with loved ones, and sharing more vital information. However, sometimes it’s vital to make sure your message has been received.

This is where email tracking technology comes into play. By signing up and implementing an email tracking service, you can receive information that lets you know when your emails have been opened, at what time, and therefore whether your message has been sent.

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Therefore, if we proceed to trace an e-mail to its origin, we will be able to know who is behind that e-mail. We can also use it to make sure of its veracity or use it to block a source of origin that does not stop sending Spam to our inbox.

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Undoubtedly, Gmail is one of the most popular email services. When we receive a message, as in the vast majority of email providers, it will not show us a complete header with all the information. This means that, in order to obtain all the data, we will have to follow a series of steps.

In the hypothetical case that these two forms of text do not appear, this means that they have probably used an external encryption client or an anonymous service to hide their identity.

You can also trace the IP address of the sender using the command prompt. This method is especially helpful for users who are more familiar with computers and their more advanced features and want to trace the IP addresses of their friends, family or someone else, if you don’t know how to use the command prompt, simply follow the steps below to find out the IP address of the sender as it is a fairly simple process.

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It empowers us to build and maintain relationships in this competitive and overcrowded environment. This post is about empowering your inbox with email tracking to increase email efficiency and productivity.

The technique of tracking emails sent and using that data to guide business choices is known as email tracking. Most email tracking tools collect information such as open rates, times and locations, as well as clicks on links and attachments.

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When an email you sent is opened or clicked, email tracking tells you so. Email tracking tools incorporate an invisible image pixel in your emails that can detect when and where a recipient accessed an email.

No one likes to have a lot of follow-up emails when they haven’t even opened the first one. Email tracking lets you know if your initial email piqued your recipient’s interest enough for them to open it. If they haven’t opened the first one, they are unlikely to open subsequent ones, so you can and should stop there. It saves time for both the sales professional and the email recipient by reducing unnecessary follow-up emails.

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Mailtrack for Gmail is, if not, the best email tracking service on the market. It improves email communication by seamlessly integrating with Gmail so you know when your emails are opened.

Mailtrack’s email tracking solution has a feature called Email Activity (only available with our paid plans). It lets you know exactly how many times and when your contacts open your emails.

You will see in the opens information for that email. If you added links to your email using our link click tracking feature, you will also be able to see all the times your links have been clicked.

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Sales reps, for example, can see when sales prospects are interested in your sales pitch and also what time of day they are likely to check their inbox. This can only help the sales cycle and improve the odds of winning more customers!

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