How to sync hubspot with gmail

Hubspot email integration

HubSpot’s CRM platform includes all the tools and integrations you need for marketing, sales, content management, service desk and operations. Each product is powerful on its own; in combination, they are unmatched.

HubSpot CRM integrates with a plugin with your WordPress website, where you will have full traceability of your contacts. It integrates in a few minutes and HubSpot automatically detects the forms you have enabled in WordPress, to collect all the information in the CRM automatically.

HubSpot CRM is the secret sauce that feeds the rest of the powerful marketing and sales tools.  The CRM is free for all users on all contact and enterprise sales platforms.

HubSpot Insights is a database of company information gathered from internal and third-party data.  When you add a company with a company domain name, all the data HubSpot Insights has on that company will be incorporated into the company record.  However, for this to work, it must be enabled in your portal.  If you also enabled the “Automatically create and associate companies with contacts” option, you will also see HubSpot Insights applied to your contacts.  You can find them under Settings> Contacts & Companies> Companies.

Hubspot gmail extension

Once you connect the HubSpot integration with Gmail, HubSpot will get access to all your emails. Some of the data HubSpot will get is your email address, your recipients’ email addresses, the subject line and the body of the email.

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HubSpot’s integration with Gmail will bring all of your productivity tools into your Gmail inbox, giving you access to templates and snippets that you can use for various prospecting situations. This will save you from having to write every email.

Typically, the sales team communicates with more people in a day than they can remember. They may also forget what they talked about with prospects, which can cause them to lose potential buyers.

Hubspot outlook

If you are reading this is because you are already a HubSpot user (or you are about to become one and want to convince yourself that it’s worth it), that’s why we want to continue talking to you about its potential to boost your sales and what happens when you complement it with other integrations.

From something as basic as synchronizing your emails with this tool, to having it coordinated with your online store, HubSpot is just the beginning. The integrations we like the most and have used the most at IDS are:

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This tool takes your conversations to the next level by giving greater visibility to everything that happens in chats and by syncing it with HubSpot, it recognizes your contacts and helps them not live in two separate universes. Visit the Drift website

If you use HubSpot as a tool for prospecting and Salesforce for selling, then you need both systems to communicate seamlessly with each other. With their integration, your sales team receives qualified leads and your marketing team gets the updated information instantly. Visit the SalesForce website

How to send emails from hubspot

CRMs are often used to manage sales opportunities and incidents. For example, you can forward messages sent to your sales address to a CRM to create, qualify and convert sales opportunities into customers. Similarly, you can forward messages received at a support address to the CRM to initiate a support workflow. This process is sometimes referred to as converting mail to case.

Gmail is not intended to replace large-scale incident management systems. If your organization needs help managing large-scale operations, such as business sales or technical support, we recommend that you use a dedicated CRM.

For the CRM email address where forwarded messages will be received, please refer to your CRM documentation. Some commonly used terms are support address or convert mail to case.

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To forward messages to your CRM system, follow the steps in this section and set up a default routing rule. In these steps, incoming messages addressed to are forwarded to

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