Gmail how to forward email

How to forward an email in gmail

1. How to attach an email to another in GmailThe first possibility we have and the easiest, is to do it directly from the options offered by Gmail. For it what we can do is to select it as attachment or to move it directly to our new mail so that it is loaded. To do this we must do the following.

If we want to attach an email from Gmail to another email, what we must do is the following. First you have to right click on the email you want to attach. You will see that different options are displayed. In this case we must select “Forward as attachment”. You will see that a new message opens, and this email is loaded as an attachment.

2. How to forward an email in GmailThis option applies when an email must be sent, either in the inbox or in some other folder, to a specific recipient. This option gives us the opportunity to forward a specific email by just clicking on an option.  Step 1To do this we have two options:

How to forward an email from my cell phone

Next, we are going to show several ways to send or forward messages, something that will surely come in handy to manage Gmail with greater ease. It can be very helpful to know how to forward several messages at once, how to send mass messages or how to send emails to several at once by customizing them. We will even have the option to forward them automatically so that we do not always have to do it manually. Well, we hope you will know how to do all this once you have finished reading this article.

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How to forward an e-mail

As we know, emails have a message in the subject line. It is a way to show who we send that email what it is about or what they are going to expect. This way we can also keep an order and search for a certain message more easily in the future.

However, when it comes to forwarding or replying to an e-mail this option is not so present. It exists, but it is not something we see very clearly. Therefore we are going to explain how to change the subject when we are going to forward or reply to an email in Gmail.

When we click on forward or reply, a field appears to write the recipient, as well as the message to send. However, it is not clear how to change the subject. To do this, click on the arrow that appears just to the left of To. Here we must click on Edit subject. In this way we will be able to set a different subject than the default one. This is a way to further customize the message we are going to reply or forward.

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We simply have to write the new subject we want, complete the e-mail and send it. In this way it will no longer be sent with the default subject, but with the one that we have put again.

How to forward a gmail email from your cell phone

Most email services allow you to forward messages in a variety of ways and Gmail is no different. You can manually forward messages within Gmail in your browser and set up automatic forwarding if you want to send your Gmail emails to another account. Regardless of what type of forwarding you want to do, there is probably a way to do it with Gmail.

You can forward a single email from your Gmail account to any other email address with just a couple of clicks. The steps are the same for both Gmail in a browser and the Gmail app on your phone or tablet.

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While Gmail only allows you to forward one email at a time (see the previous section of this article), there is a way around this limit: a Chrome browser extension called Multi Email Forward breaks this limitation by allowing you to select and forward up to. 50 emails at the same time.

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