Archive emails on gmail

Unarchive gmail emails

One concept that is often confusing to new Gmail users is the concept of archiving mails in the inbox. Clicking the archive button will move the selected message out of the inbox, but it does not imply that the mail is deleted.

What happens to the message? If you applied a label to the message and clicked the archive button, it will not be visible in the inbox, but it will be accessible from the labels section of Gmail, as well as in the All section. If you did not label the message and if you deleted it from the inbox, it will only be visible in the All section.

To test this, take any email that is in your inbox and apply a label to it, but do not save it. Then go to the section of the label you applied and look at the message in the list, you should see the labels you applied in the same way as the labels that are in the inbox. This should also be visible in the All section. When you save a message you are simply removing the received label so that it does not appear.

Where gmail emails are archived

There are many messages and attachments that we can store in our Gmail mailbox, hence downloading messages and files can be quite a heavy task if we have to do it one by one. Therefore, we are going to show how we can download all messages and files from our Gmail account.

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Therefore, it is advisable to have this backup, which will serve as a backup in case you lose some of your most valuable data. It will also help you to be able to use them in another service that allows it.

Once we click on the Create file button, we will be informed that the process may take several hours or even days, so we will receive by mail the files containing the messages and attachments of our mail.

This will download a file with the .eml extension to our computer and the subject of the e-mail in question as its name. To open the downloaded EML files, you must have an e-mail client installed on your computer. Otherwise, they will be files that we will not be able to visualize otherwise.

Where to view archived emails

Archived emails are messages that are stored in a secure folder, allowing you to free up storage space in your inbox. Essentially, it’s a way to save and protect data from emails you don’t want to keep in your inbox, while allowing you to retrieve them quickly.

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In Gmail, this means moving emails from your inbox to “All Mail,” where they are stored on the Gmail server. Here you can access and retrieve them (move them back to any folder/label) at any time.

Step 1. Select the email(s) you want to retrieve in your inbox. Emails that are already in your inbox are marked Inbox.

Perhaps you have completed a project, everything is closed and you are ready to rid your inbox of the hundreds of emails associated with it. But there’s a good chance you’ll need to refer to some of those emails in the future, so deleting them permanently would be a bad idea.

What is archiving in gmail for?

The world belongs to the organized. If you use a Gmail account and hundreds of emails arrive in your inbox every week, keeping things in order can be a challenge – but it’s important. To help you simplify your life, this guide will explain how to archive Gmail emails and where to find them for later review.

Keep in mind that when you archive an email in Gmail you only deprioritize it within your inbox, so the message is still available in your inbox. Something different is what happens when you decide to delete or mute it, which are other alternatives that allow you to sort your account.

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Archiving is an excellent option when you are not sure you will need an email in the future. Basically, it’s like keeping it in a box until you decide to restore it. In fact, when someone replies to the conversation, it will automatically reappear in your inbox.

To archive one or more messages, you must open your inbox and select the emails with the checkboxes located on the left side. Then, you must press the Archive option, which is located on the Gmail toolbar.

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